Exciting Web Updates – Enhancing Your User Experience

Are you ready for some exciting news? At Jobberman, we have been working hard to improve your experience on our website, and we are thrilled to reveal three major updates that will enhance your user experience.

Here’s what’s new:

Clearer visibility on your orders

Keeping tabs on your order history just got easier! With our new update, you can now easily understand your credit consumption and purchasing history. The order tab will show you details like Product Purchased, Date of Purchase, Reference Number, and Order History Breakdown. This feature provides more transparency and enables you to keep track of your orders more efficiently.

Deep dive into your credit history

Understanding changes to transactions you made when consuming and purchasing credit just got easier! We have improved functionality to help you analyse your credit consumption better. You can now label the ‘Action’ columns to distinguish between a purchaser or consumer of a listing and introduce filters to allow you to filter credit transactions/history by date range. This update provides more analysis of your credit consumption and ensures that you can easily keep track of your credit transactions.

Glamify your company page

Attracting the best-suited candidates just got easier! With our updated company page, you can now update the most relevant details about your company, showcase images to communicate your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and include the accolades you have accumulated over the years. This feature enables you to communicate your company’s culture and values and attract the suitable candidates.

We are excited to bring you these new features and are confident they will enhance your user experience on our website.

Are you ready to try them out? Dive in and experience these features for yourself!

 Dive in!

Bukola Okikiolu
I'm passionate about managing and growing brands in the digital space. I do this by creating engaging content that ultimately lead to conversion, and crafting copy that inspire action.
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