How To Motivate Employees to Perform Better

how to motivate employees

Tips to make employees productive

When workers are happy, they are more productive. The question then becomes – how do you motivate your workforce to perform better and to help the business grow?

Interestingly, keeping your employees inspired and driven to do more does not require budgeting millions. Rather, with a little planning, you can come up with a strategy to keep your employees happy.

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As a business owner, it is important that you perfect ways of maximising revenue while also increasing productivity amongst your employees.

In order to ensure your workforce work efficiently, consider using the tips below as a starting point.

Offer incentives

Incentives are great ways to encourage your employees to do more than they are already doing. What you offer as an incentive to them does not have to be overly expensive. Consider things like tickets to the cinema, pass to red carpet events, an extra day or two off work or even gift cards. These are seemingly little things that will go a long way in ensuring you get the best out of them. They show your employees you appreciate and value their efforts.

Cash rewards will always excite employees but there are other alternatives as highlighted above.

Lead by example

You cannot take your clients for granted during your interaction with them and expect your employees do things differently. Also if you want your employees to be happy, you have to ensure you are happy enough to be seen to be in a good mood. Acting or looking angry or upset is not how to motivate your employees.

In essence, it is time you lead by example. Come to work before your employees resume and they will be wary of arriving at work late. If you are constantly excited about the organisation’s objectives, they will follow in this direction. Be as exemplary as you possibly can.

Groom them to grow

Help your employees become better at what they do. Giving them a chance to move on to better opportunities will work in your favour in the long run because it would ultimately position your establishment’s reputation as a wonderful place to work. This is important because once your workers begin to feel there is little or no opportunity to advance their careers, their enthusiasm will plummet and they will not be happy.

Your employees should be motivated enough to perform better. Guide them towards registering and participating in trainings that will increase the skill set they need to advance their careers.

Communicate with them

Employees need more than a figure they call ‘boss’ if they are to perform optimally. Communication is an essential part of motivating employees. The fact that you append your signature on the monthly newsletter does not mean your employees will be motivated to work for your organisation.

Find time to have a conversation with your employees. Sadly, the place of communication is often underplayed in many organisations. However, you need to have a human relationship with your workers. Your staff need to know that you understand some of the challenges you are going through. They want to be appreciated. it helps them perform better.

Give them a voice

Cultivate the habit of asking your employees for their ideas and suggestions on how they can perform better. Employees usually have suggestions on ways to become more efficient but in many cases, you have to ask them.

To inspire your employees to do more, it is important not only to ask for their advice but to implement it as well. Help them grow their confidence and enthusiasm to achieve good results.

Trust is essential

You should let your employees know that you trust in their ability to do their best on any task or project assigned to them. Do this and they will rarely disappoint you. Employees value your vote of confidence so don’t starve them of it.

Recognise milestones

As an employer, you should recognise and celebrate the milestones of your employees. Endeavour to celebrate their birthdays, work anniversaries and other personal milestones. Consider getting a cake for each celebrant. This is a celebration that never gets old.

Bring in fun

For your employees, your organisation should not always be about work alone. You can, for instance, dedicate every last Friday of the month to a ‘TGIF Party.’ This helps employees happier and enjoy the social side of things at within the workplace.


Encourage mentorship

Motivate your employees by inviting positive mentors to guide and inspire them. It improves their social confidence and gives them a clearer sense of direction. Eventually, this will create a happy atmosphere that will rub off on others.

How to motivate employees to perform better

Keep your staff happy and positively engaged and you are bound to experience better performance from your employees. Which of the tips discussed above exists within your organisation?

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