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Your vision of a dream job always evolves. However, the vision that most people had in terms of commute and office lifestyle was quite stable. After all, everyone wants to feel comfortable in their workplace as well as amongst co-workers. However, since 2000, the amount of at-home work opportunities has revolutionized the global workforce.

In fact, companies like Forbes now rank and list the top 100 companies that offer great at-home work programs, pulling and assessing each job from a list of over 54,000 companies. Many of these career opportunities are in the fields of medicine and health, customer service, education and training, sales, accounting, and finance, as well as IT-related work.

Given that in the past 12 years remote work has grown by 159%, with brands like Dell and Humana hiring remote employees, most people should be jumping on these opportunities. However, not all companies listed above are likely to make someone’s top list for dream jobs, especially when it’s possible to test video games or become an online poker professional, or even a voice-over actor. 

For instance, companies like PokerStars have their own poker school along with a diverse, global team of professional players. Meanwhile, companies like Google are constantly in search of game testers for programs like their AI-led DeepMind.

Let’s take a look at six dream jobs that budding digital professionals should know about.

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Top Creative Remote Jobs

Given that a recent study saw a 50% decrease in employee resignations for those working at home, companies are literally scrambling to adapt their current business models to accommodate remote workers. After all, that same study showed a 13% performance improvement in work done at home.

For creative individuals, this demand for remote employees couldn’t be more ideal. Creating a private portfolio of work is fulfilling, but actually finding applicable work is often a struggle.

One great example of creative remote work that has recently emerged is colour contracting. That’s right—someone will pay a professional $15 to $50 dollars per hour to help choose a colour for a particular product. Consultants will need to keep in mind branding, current trends, as well as the marketability of each product.

For budding photographers out there, global companies like Airbnb are often looking to hire contract listing photographers. While this means a professional should feel comfortable visiting and interacting with strangers in new environments, it also provides steady work for those with an eye for photography, a quality camera, and a nice attitude.

Voice-over artistry is an opportunity for those who don’t quite have the eye for colour or ability to make a tiny bedroom look spacious. Websites like Study.com are often looking for part-time professionals to record from home with their own microphones. Jobs vary greatly and knowing a second language is always helpful.



Top Wild Card Remote Jobs

If you’re a remote worker with an exceptional eye for computers and coding, governments and other top companies across the world are often on the lookout for what is known as a ‘white hat hacker’.

These professionals work in the service of reliable governmental and private organizations that counteract digital piracy and hacking by employing their own crack team of tech wizards. While most jobs will prefer background experience, most groups are willing to train their own recruits.

And finally, for those with a penchant for wit and an ability to summarize a person’s character with limited information, profile writing is certainly interesting work. With the availability of professional, social, and dating apps across the world, more and more people of all generations are looking for help to summarize their best and most unique features.

So long as a remote worker feels comfortable interacting with different people and can use concise language, there are people willing to pay for this service. Plus, unlike some of the jobs listed above, this work offers opportunities to build a freelance base.

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