Benefits of Internships: Meet Kehinde, Edikan and Nazom

benefits of internship

There are many benefits of internships for both undergraduates and graduates seeking to build their skills and begin their career. An internship is training for a short period of time, offered by employers (sometimes paid and sometimes not) to enable students, fresh graduates, or inexperienced professionals gain required skills.

There are lots of discussions on the skill gap in Nigeria; this why internships are one of the ways to combat it. Over the last decade, some of the ways Jobberman has contributed to improving the productivity and skills of job seekers are through job fairs, educational series, mentorship programs, and via our blog.

Every year, several interns pass through our internship programs to upskill and grow in their career and the benefits of these internships can not be overstated.

Watch the story of Kehinde, Edikan, and Nazom as they speak on how they have benefited from our internship program.

Essential Benefits of Internships

  1. It gives you an edge over the competition
  2. It helps you gain valuable work experience
  3. An internship allows you to explore different career opportunities before getting started
  4. It helps you grow your professional network easier
  5. Internship builds your confidence and skills
  6. It is an easier route to kickstart a major career.

Are you an intern presently or have you been one in the past? Share with us, the benefits you have you gained from your internship experience.

Jobberman Staff Writer
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