Ask HR Live Session Recap: Proven Job Hunting Tips.

Job hunting is a full-time job in itself!  The thought of how long and frustrating a job hunt could potentially be has kept many professionals in jobs they don’t like and held them back from making career progress.  Sound familiar?
What if we told you that there are proven tips and strategies that can make your job search easier? You can find them in this Q&A Instagram live session with Boluwatife Ayinde, HR Generalist at Jobberman Nigeria.

In this edition of #AskHR, she lends her expert opinion in answering pertinent job hunting questions asked by job seekers like yourself. Here are a few of the highlighted questions:

Is finding a job a lot harder now because of the pandemic?
According to our HR Generalist, Boluwatife, finding a job during a global pandemic is not necessarily harder, but you need to be more intentional in your actions and search.  If you weren’t comfortable with networking before, now is the time to get with the program. Leverage your networking skills, get people to see you, join relevant groups, optimize your digital profiles, reach out to recruiters and engage in career groups.

In addition to everything mentioned, don’t forget to boost your skills. Skills are now more important than ever and some skills will set you apart. For example, employers now look beyond just the technical skills of applicants. Hence, getting certified in Soft Skills will certainly give you a competitive edge over your counterparts who only have technical skills.

What is the standard CV format?

There is no standard format but there are important things to note in optimizing your CV. Don’t forget to highlight your achievements – these must be measurable – and your skill sets.

When highlighting your professional experience, start from the most recent one.  And finally,  tailor your CV to the job role you are applying for. If you are unsure where to start, then feel free to contact an expert to help review your CV and ensure it hits the mark. 

Can a potential employer give me a job even if the role is different from what I studied at the University?
Absolutely yes! Fun fact- a lot of software developers didn’t even study Computer Science as a first degree. People often leave universities to discover they are passionate about a totally different profession, and yes they go on to get opportunities and succeed in them eventually. 

One of the fastest ways to grow in an industry as a ‘rookie’ is to be open to learning the ropes. You can do this by taking up an internship or volunteer role in your industry of interest, even if you do not have the basic degree qualification.

Watch the full session on Youtube here to get more job hunting tips, as shared by our HR expert.

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