4 affordable recruitment packages to help your business compete in the hunt for talent

A lot of people do not realize the work, effort and time that goes into recruitment. From clearly identifying roles you need to drawing up a comprehensive yet easy to understand Job descriptions, to publicizing your job ad and finally going through the long selection, interviewing and hiring process – sounds like a lot doesn’t it? It is. For every hire you make, you have to ensure that the individual is going to add value to your company and in summary, make you money! 

As experts in the world of recruitment, Jobberman is certainly at the forefront of the talent hunt. Every client to us is a partner – and what do partners do? Help each other grow. To help growing businesses hire the right people without cutting corners, we have carefully developed recruitment packages that not only fit different sizes of organizations but every pocket. Here are our top 4 recruitment packages that will ensure you select the perfect employees to grow your business –

Job listing – As basic as this might sound, this is a big deal. When it comes to sourcing for star employees, going through social media or basic platforms isn’t enough anymore. Your brand needs to be facing the talents who matter. With a large database of over 2.5million jobseekers, we’re your best bet to connecting to the professional hands you need to grow your business. 

This recruitment solution provides you with an ‘advertising slot’ so that you can post the vacant positions in your firm and ultimately create a pool of applications.

candidate shortlisting


Job boost – It’s standard for every business to advertise to their target audience in order to attract the patronage they desire. The same goes for recruitment, you need to meet your target audience where they are. It’s not usually enough to just post and go, boosted job adverts get 3x more visibility, which doubles the count of received applications, and subsequently increases the diversity of applicants plus giving you the ability to start shortlisting earlier than expected.



Best Match The goal of any recruitment campaign is to hire the best fit for the job and your company. This is why we have successfully developed an amazing package to connect your opportunities to the best fit possible. This digital solution transparently reveals who to consider for interviews, think of it as a digital assistant that accurately points you in the right hiring direction.


Prorecruit To fuel your business’s growth, you need to engage the best talent, not only those actively looking. The reason is that the vast majority of professionals are passive candidates, they’re not actively job seeking but would consider the life-changing role you have for them. ProRecruit guarantees that you will get the best of candidates by pre-qualifying them through screening interviews.

AssessmentsWhen hiring, developing, or promoting employees for new positions in your company, resumes and interviews only tell you so much. It has become important to measure and evaluate candidates’ and employees’ skills needed for successful job performance. Our skills assessment solution provides a collection of tests for different jobs, that allows hiring managers to assess the Technical Skills and Aptitude required for a specific role.

 job recruitment


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Your next great hire starts with you and you can start with us. We have recruitment packages to fit every need and every pocket. When you start hiring the Jobberman way, you’ll realize you’ve had it wrong all along. Let’s get you started. 

Jobberman Staff Writer
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