A Total Guide to Completing Your Jobseeker Profile on Jobberman

One of the things that help you stand out is a complete job search profile on job platforms like Jobberman because this is the first thing employers see when searching for qualified candidates to hire. 

Are you having a hard time getting your profile to a 100% on Jobberman? Here’s how –

Step 1 – Create your job seeker account, that is if you do not already have one. Ensure you fill in your correct information and your active email address.

Step 2 – Upload your picture; this is an essential step in your profile completion process. Employers want to see the face behind the application. Remember to use a professional photo and leave the filtered selfies for social media.

Step 3 – We know you’re eager to upload your CV and jump straight to applying for jobs, but don’t forget to update your profile’s Employment and Availability section. This section gives a breakdown of the type of jobs you’re looking for,  salary expectation and your notice period.

Step 4 – Your CV has a lot of information but don’t skip the “About me” section; some employers go through jobseekers profiles and reach out themselves. This section is where you sell yourself and your skills. Ensure you fill this part in the third person, just like in your CV.

Step 5 – Add your work experience – This might be included in your CV, but it is essential to have information that employers can quickly skim through; this will help the employer make a better hiring decision.

Step 6 -Add education – Let the employers your qualifications, start from your tertiary education above.

Step 7 – Include your top skills – In this section, you can include both technical and soft skills. Soft skills are a huge plus because it will help you stand out from the crowd and show employers that you will fit right into the company. These skills include leadership skills, emotional intelligence, creative thinking etc. You can gain a professional certificate for proof via www.jobberman.com/softskills; this two-hour course is your sure ticket to getting your next big job.

Step 8 – Beef up your profile with details of associations you are part of, certificates, awards and other languages you speak. A soft skills certificate will look quite good on your profile. Visit www.jobberman.com/softskills to get certified in 2 hours or less.

Step 9 – It’s time for the most critical part, your CV, cover letter and portfolio – This section requires you to type out your cover letter, upload your CV and include details of any critical project you’ve worked on or your portfolio if you have one. Having a poorly written CV or cover letter will ruin your chances of getting a job or gaining the attention of any employer. If you aren’t sure about your CV, you can take advantage of our special offer and have your CV written by one of our professionals for just N5000. Simply visit www.jobberman.com/jobseeker/level-up to get started.

Step 10 – It’s time to download your career profile! All the information you’ve uploaded on your profile will be automatically compressed into a downloadable CV/profile. You can also use it to apply for jobs and other positions.

Congratulations! You’re all done. Now you should have a complete profile just like the one below- 

You will also access a lot of cool features that will make you 5x more likely to get a job with top companies on our platform. 

Need some help? Simply reach out to us via info@jobberman.com or visit www.jobberman.com/job-seeker/level-up to get started!

Bukola Okikiolu
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