4 reasons why SMEs love Jobberman

Having the right allies is important for any company that wants to succeed and thrive. These allies must be carefully chosen in order to ensure that the company’s goals hinged on them remain achievable. 

Growing companies like yours that fully understand the importance of having the right recruitment ally have made Jobberman Nigeria their go-to platform and have stuck with us over the years. Their choice didn’t come by accident or by sentiment, we dare say we remain preferred because these companies love how we do the business of recruitment at Jobberman. 

So what are the reasons behind our ironclad relationship with SMEs when it comes to hiring the right talent? At the risk of revealing trade secrets, we’ll show you 4 reasons they love to hire the Jobberman way:

  1. We are reliable: Getting the right talent at the right time is something a lot of businesses struggle with, but not our employer clients. They love us because they know they can rely on us to recruit the right talent for their businesses just in the nick of time by giving them access to a good volume of quality candidates. Like the lyrics of that popular pop song says, ‘we’re always there when they call and we’re always on time’.

We firmly believe that no business activity should have to grind to a halt or slow down due to the lack of capable hands. Not on our watch!

One of our recruitment solutions- Pro Recruit has a turnaround time as low as 5 working days. We can get you the best candidate that quickly!

2. Our platform is easy to use: We believe that recruitment does not  have to be complicated, this is why we  provide growing businesses who have made us their choice recruitment partner with an intuitive interface, backed with dedicated customer service. 

Our recruitment software is complete with an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) which allows our clients to easily list their job openings with little or no guidance from us. It’s that easy!. In the event that they have questions or concerns, our experts are always ready to help them cross the hurdle. 

3. Our recruitment tool is efficient: Looking for a recruitment tool that gets the job done in the most competent and efficient way? Think Jobberman. Our tool makes it easy to manage recruitment workflow in every sense of the word.

Not only does it allow you to post and manage job listings, it also comes with a feature that enables the employer to create a pool of qualified candidates and avoid the long haul of sifting through the entire application pool. This is made possible by an automation system that uses algorithms to match candidates against job requirements.

4. Our recruitment solution is well-priced: We understand the financial burden that often comes with running a business in these climes, and that’s why we make sure our recruitment solutions are affordable to fit every budget.

We also have a variety of valuable recruitment options which makes it possible for growing businesses to choose the perfect fit for their budget and level of growth.

In a nutshell, there’s something for everyone. It’s no wonder that SMEs gravitate towards us because they know they will get value for their money. Afterall, in Nigerian parlance, ‘who no like better thing?’

In case you are still in doubts about why growing businesses have made Jobberman their first choice, here are some success stories from our small and medium enterprise employer partners

  1. Watch Okoye Nkem, General Manager of Virgin Landmarks’ testimonial here 
  2. Babatunde Oke, HR Manager of Startimes Nigeria attests to the quality of candidates gotten from Jobberman here
  3. Victor Mustapha was particularly pleased with the recruitment and after-service support he got from our recruitment expert. Watch him speak more on that here.

Here’s your invitation to join hundreds of small business owners recruiting the right way, the Jobberman way!

Ours is a partnership that works, allow us to prove it- start here: jobberman.com/hire-the-right-way

Bukola Okikiolu
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