Sterling Bank PLC and Think Cyber offer 300 new Cysec Jobs

Think Cyber Nigeria will be offering 300 young graduates, and unemployed the opportunity to upskill or transition and begin their career in cybersecurity.

300 Cysec Jobs for grabs

The gap for skilled cyber security professionals has exponentially increased globally especially within the last 5 years. We believe Nigeria can take advantage of this worldwide demand and fill the huge employment gap with targeted training in this area.

Globally, Cyber security and data encryption are currently among the most in-demand skills in the world of tech. According to the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020, there are about 4 million job opportunities in the field of cyber security and data encryption.

As more businesses accelerate and prioritize the adoption of data and digital services, this growing demand for skilled workers has been projected to double, giving rise to an urgent training need.

In 2020 alone, despite the COVID-19 crisis, the global market for cyber security was estimated at US$162.9 Billion, and over the analysis period 2020-2027, it is projected to reach US$296.5Billion, growing at a CAGR of 8.9%.

It is on the backdrop of these trends that Think Cyber Nigeria Limited, the Nigerian operating arm of the Israeli-based world-class Cyber powerhouse, “Think Cyber’ Tel Aviv, is introducing a first-of-its-kind cyber security training program in Lagos, Nigeria, beginning from January 2022 at Ilupeju.

Think Cyber Nigeria will be offering 300 young graduates, and unemployed the opportunity to upskill or transition and begin their career as cyber security experts. This Cyber Simulator training course has 8 weeks with over 320 training hours, across 8 track modules. Participants at the end of this training period will possess a diverse knowledge base of white team, blue team and red team capabilities and will be able to handle diverse forms of cyber threats to organizational systems and databases among others.

Think Cyber Ltd. powers a platform called ‘Cyberium Arena’ which offers world-class Cyber Simulator training to next-generation cyber professionals in Nigeria. Cyberium Arena is a world-class advanced cyber security training tool that has been used to train high potential individuals, military personnel, government agencies, banks, and private sector players across the world. Here you will have access to training by internationally certified experts, hands-on experience, thorough exposure to world-class real-life cyber security lab projects, opportunities to solve real-life cyber-attack scenarios, capstone projects per module, a well-equipped facility, a conducive learning environment, and most importantly, the training is guaranteed to get you a decent paying job within the first 3 months of completion. This qualification gives you access to join the global community of cyber security experts.

This opportunity offers a perfect launching pad for a successful career in cyber security, with a remote work option anywhere in the world. This is our trademark at Think Cyber Nigeria.

Your career as a Cyber Security Expert starts here

Today, the unemployment rate in Nigeria has surpassed 42%. The Nigerian government and private sector have been tasked with the responsibility to provide at least 9 million jobs annually to curb the huge unemployment gap and maintain a positive growth trajectory in our economy. This reality is however nowhere in sight, as a large percentage of youths in Nigeria are still unemployed and looking for what to do. This is paramount due to a lack of required skills by the youths to take advantage of today’s global market opportunities.

There can only be one solution to bridging this gap, and that’s training and upskilling our people with the relevant skills that match today’s global economic workplace. The Cyber Simulator training is therefore aimed at bridging this unemployment gap in Nigeria and the rest of Africa and in turn addressing the global deficit in the cyber security workforce.

With a highly discounted training scheme of up to $122.5 million, the Cyber Simulator training by Think Cyber Nigeria Limited is offering a highly discounted price to all interested Africans, with loan option and staggered payment spread across 12 months, powered by Sterling Bank Nigeria. Interested applicants must possess a track record of exceptional personal, academic and professional performance, be fast learners with excellent learning and cognitive abilities, and possess the determination to work hard, academic zest, and capacity to excel as world-class cyber security professionals. They must have either a Higher National Diploma (HND), Bachelor’s Degree, or Master’s Degree, have completed NYSC, or have an exemption letter, and have a credible guarantor for the credit financing option.

Also, with our wide network of collaborations with companies and stakeholders in the world of tech and the cyber security sub-sector globally, our trainees will be exposed to local and international jobs opportunities via our organized job fairs and job interviews. This will help them access quick jobs/employment into some of these organizations within 5 months of graduation.

Hurry now and take advantage of our flexible payment plan to make a leap in your career and sign up today!

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Bukola Okikiolu
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