3 Key Tips to Help You Make an Effective Career Choice

It is possible to rise beyond the seeming limitations of a not so popular course of study when you make an effective decision in terms of career choices

Making effective career choices

A lot of school leavers are at a loss on how to navigate their journeys in the world of work and the marketplace even after spending quality years in school. The path to self-discovery and identifying effective career choices is a necessary tool to ensure fulfillment, productivity, and a rewarding experience at work. 

It is interesting to note that finishing school with top grades does not automatically guarantee one success in the world of work. Also, that one had a poor outing in the academic institution does not automatically put a lid on one’s potential to succeed. Have you observed any of our old school mates who consistently were at the bottom of the class in terms of ranking but have risen above their peers in the outside world? On the other hand, a look at the top 10 richest people in any country typically has little or no mention of people that graduated with a First Class. 

Rising above career limitations

It is possible to rise beyond the seeming limitations of a not so popular course of study when you make an effective decision in terms of career choices to find something fulfilling, productive and rewarding.

This will also help you to unlock the secrets behind marketplace success and the transition from gown (the academic institutions) to town (the marketplace). So, what resources can the graduate, job seeker, aspiring and experienced professional leverage on to achieve these feats?    

  1. Focus on your potential, not your problems: In the marketplace, the conversation is about value and what you bring to the table and not what you cannot offer or is a current weakness. Pushing your strengths to the front gives you better results, visibility, and reward. 
  1. Have the right perspective: The answer to career clarity is from the perspective of the internal. You have within all the things you need to excel without. To start your journey in the career discovery process, you need to reflect and introspect. What do you know about yourself? What do people say about you? What can you do better than others? What different ways do you look at life and issues? 
  1. The best time to start is now: Procrastination is described as a thief of time. It is said that the best time to plant a tree was several years ago and the next best time is now. Take action now. Apply for that position now. Do not delay or you may just deny yourself of an opportunity that should come your way. 

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