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The One Golden Rule Every CV Must Follow

There have been tons and tons of How-tos on crafting a winning CV that will be just too perfect to be ignored by potential employers. Now, that’s all good stuff. But as with every form of knowledge, there is a basic, rudimentary and golden rule upon which the entire body lies. That one thing you can say is unarguable – the truth (if there’s any such thing).
As far as writing a great CV is concerned, there’s just ONE GOLDEN RULE..not two or three, just ONE:  “If it will not help you get that job, don’t put it in your CV.”
Now this may go off as a no-brainer, but you really have to see a typical CV of a job applicant in Nigeria to appreciate the wisdom laden in this statement. Details like marital status, state of origin, religion, ethnic group, LGA of origin etc will not help you get a job. If anything, they will greatly hurt your chances of even landing an interview.
How so? There are number of reasons, but I’ll stick to one which I think you may easily relate to. While merit is a major factor in recruitment, we cannot overlook individual sentiments and differences in the different choices of employers and recruiters. Different people have different predilection, and sensitive details such as where you come from, what religion you profess, your marital status, tribe, age and co should be completely removed from your CV. I hope you catch the drift. In addition, these details have nothing to do with your skills, experiences and ability to deliver on the job, so why add them to your CV.
There are other factors that you must consider in crafting a great CV, but this one rule is essential.
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Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell