Kickstart Your Career With The Room For Young Professionals

Kickstart Your Career With The Room For Young Professionals

Did you know that 80% of job opportunities are filled by word of mouth?
Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not. Research shows that up to 80%
of jobs are filled by word of mouth and 75% are never even advertised. Who you
know and who knows you matter more than what you know. To be able to reach
your full potential, and have an impact in your career, it is key to harness the art of
relationship-building to develop authentic and meaningful relationships with those
around you. From developing a connection, to continuously interacting, building
trust or collaborating, taking the time to truly connect with others can have a lasting
impact on your career.

If being talented is not enough… How can you unlock career opportunities to
help you reach your full potential?
You must develop relationships and connections within your network to have more
opportunities to advance your career. The Room for Young Professionals aims to
catalyze change in Africa by connecting the next generation of African ethical and
entrepreneurial leaders to extraordinary opportunities. As part of this community,
you will get to build your network with the brightest minds from across the
continent and with the high-flying executives who are looking for talent to fill those
75% ‘hidden opportunities’ and you will find all the support you need to navigate
every step of your career.

Success story from our members
One of our members shared a story with us recently about how she found her job
through building relationships in one of our events: ‘I was in an event having an
intense 30-mins conversation with another attendee and at the end, he told me
about a new role he was hiring for. I am now a Customer Experience Associate in a

company in the filmmaking industry that I love!’. Kickstart your career and start your
own success story here.

Jobberman Staff Writer
Notification Bell