Jobberman Wants to Help Employers Get Ahead of the Japa Wave

Why We Launched an Initiative to Help Employers Get Ahead of the Japa Wave by filling the gaps created as quickly as possible with qualified candidates.

Employers have recently found themselves saying goodbye to some of their best hands in recent times. Needless to say, every successful ‘Japa’ creates a talent gap within an organisation. Jobberman is set to help employers solve the growing capacity issues brought on by the continuous brain drain and the high emigration rate with a new initiative. 

The word “Japa” has its root in the Yoruba language and means to flee or escape an undesirable situation or circumstance. The term has recently become more popular as it is used to signify the mass exodus of individuals (including career professionals) from Nigeria in search of greener pastures that are perceived to exist in other countries. 

To fully understand the effects of the Japa wave on employers and determine how best to mitigate these effects, we conducted several surveys that provided a wealth of much-needed insight into this phenomenon.

One of our polls reveals that 76% of employers have lost employees within Top to mid-level management, while another identified, predictably, that 58% of professionals ‘Japa-ing’ are in the IT/Healthcare/Education sector and 23% in the Banking/Finance/Insurance industry, possibly due to their ability to access loans to facilitate their emigration easily.

From these surveys and trending conversations, it is not hard to guess that employers, in one way or the other, have lost talents that are integral to their business growth since the ‘Japa’ wave began, which has resulted in talent gaps within organisations.  These gaps must be filled as quickly as possible to prevent expensive disruptions to business operations. Additionally, it is not sufficient to fill these positions as quickly as possible; suitable replacements must be found.

Hence, driven by our powerful mission to support businesses with the right talent, we have launched an initiative targeted at helping employers fill the gap created by the Japa wave as quickly as possible and with qualified candidates.

We have recently updated our pipeline of pre-screened qualified candidates in the Tech, Accounting, and Sales/Business Development fields. If you currently have a talent gap in any of these fields, then you are in luck! 

The next important step you need to take right now is to visit now.

Fill out the form; we’ll assess your needs and send you a list of pre-screened qualified candidates who can fill your talent gap in under a week. 

Wondering how you can benefit from this initiative as a job seeker? You can now join the headhunters’ list for Accounting, Tech, and Sales professionals looking for their next adventure. To join, visit (LINK).

Adeola Adenuga
Notification Bell