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Designore Ranks Jobberman in the Top 50 Job Websites Across the Globe.

Designore a design development firm in the USA recently included Jobberman in the top 50 “go-to” websites for jobs in one of its articles.  Jobberman.com appearing on this list evidently indicates the website as the largest and most popular jobs portal in West Africa and a company swiftly finding firm footing at the centre of Africa’s job market space.

Undoubtedly, one thing most Nigerian and African youths share in common is the problem of  job unemployment. However, giant steps are being taken to tackle this problem; Jobberman.com being one of them.

Jobberman is no doubt fulfilling its promise of redefining online jobs board, this being the recent development in recruitment. Blending the vast use of IT, Jobberman has effectively tapped into these trends by creating apps for smartphones including Nokia and Blackberry to enable effective Job search and recruitment on the go.

In addition to this ground-breaking step, the jobs site recently launched its Google Chrome extension to help jobseekers access jobs without logging into the main (Jobberman) website. It’s no doubt that Jobberman.com, having the largest list of jobs in Nigeria, is still on its toes towards satisfying its customers and prospective users.

“We are very excited knowing we are being embraced by Nigerians and the international community as well. We have as our major drive to provide quality services to our users and make impacts; and we know there’s no going back, especially now that we are having more people rely in our products and services to meeting their employment or recruiting needs-” says the cofounder Opeyemi Awoyemi.

Jobberman helps employers advertise their jobs for free and provides active jobseekers with the best opportunities to get jobs in Nigeria. Over 13,000 positions have been filled for companies via the Jobberman platform.

Jobberman.com was founded in August 2009 and has since its inception made waves in the industry, having processed over 2 million applications with over 555,000 users and 4000 companies (ranging from start-ups to fully established companies in Nigeria) on its platform.

The internet company has its headquarters situated in Lekki, Lagos and also has branches in several states of the country, alongside its outlet in Ghana.

Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell