How to Get Hired With Job Alerts Feature

job alerts feature

Jobberman Job Alerts feature ensures that as a candidate, you get customised job alerts That help you stay among the top 10% of applicants for an advertised job. With many years of being a leader in recruitment in Nigeria and across Africa, we understand, for job seekers, that searching for a job can be a complex process. Whether you are a fresh graduate or already employed but looking for career growth opportunities, searching for a job can be draining.

The Jobberman Job Alerts feature is a customised email notification alert based on preferences like job type, function, industry, location and more. This means that we take the stress off you and send you only the jobs that suit your career trajectory immediately they are posted by employers on Jobberman. Take a look at the features and also how you can set up job alerts.

How to Set Up The Job Alerts Featuresjob alerts feature

  • To set up the Jobberman Job Alerts feature, visit and login to your account.
  • Click on the menu icon on the top left of your profile and select Job Alerts
  • After the job alerts page opens, click on the Create Job Alert button
  • Here, select the Alert Name you want to set up (e.g Marketing), choose a Job Function, select Location and check your email preference
  • Click Save.

How to Get Hired With Job Alerts Featurejob alerts feature

The Jobberman Job Alerts feature optimise your job search and ensure you get hired in the following ways:

  1. It narrows your job search to your area of focus and removes distraction in our job search engines.
  2. It expedites your application time for advertised job vacancies in your niche
  3. It makes sure you get the right opportunities as soon as they are posted, this can give you an advantage if you meet employers’ criteria.
  4. It helps you document the jobs you have applied for in your email so that you can go back to preview the job description when doing research and interview preparation.
  5. It reduces the strain of job search and helps you focus your time on other self-development initiatives.

Conclusion on Jobberman Job Alerts Feature

Our Job Alerts feature at Jobberman is now optimised to not be disruptive and clog your emails with opportunities when you’re not in search of one, hence, you’ll be prompted every 30 days to update the feature if you still have a need for it. We have heard so many positive use cases of this feature from job seekers like you and we hope it brings you closer to finding your next job and makes your job search more productive. We are always here for you, click HERE to set up your customised job alert and happy hunting.

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