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How to Choose a Career You'll Love. Twitter Tuesday Recap.

Welcome to another edition of the  Twitter Tuesday recap. If you are new to Twitter Tuesday, it is a 2-hour  fun session  where job-seekers, recruiting experts, career professionals and passers-by all come together to gain insights and learn from one another. There are days we host someone in any of the aforementioned categories to co-moderate the session; on other days, we play down on the question and answer feature but share ideas and opinions instead by letting every participant say something. Going by the name, it happens on Twitter every Tuesday between 2pm and 4pm.

This week, we had Emeka Ossai – founder of The Nigerian Campus Enterprise Challenge, talk about choosing a career you’ll love and advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Below are excerpts from the interview;

@Eakay_hush: What could possibly be suggested as a business line for a petroleum graduate?

@Emekaossai:  First you have to find out your area of strength and interest. You also need to build the skillsets required to advance in that area.

You can also ask your close friends and family about the tasks they trust you to do seemlessly. More often than not, we are professionally  inclined to the things we’ve always loved as children.

For a business in the petroleum industry, you can do a feasibility study for the opening of a petroleum station in an area that is unexplored then find investors.

@annebinum: How can one define a career path?

@Emekaossai: Get a mentor to guide you, your skills set can be built when you train yourself in the field.

@basky86 : How do I present my business plans to get financial support?

@emankabu1: I presently work for a government agency but I plan to launch a business in video coverage, what advice can you give on starting out?

Twitter interview 11


@Emekaossai: You might need to build a test case to show people how your idea works.

@basky86: Does every business idea need a mentor to guide the bootstrapper to succeed?

@Emekaossai: A mentor helps you travel faster because he has light to help you see in the dark.

@Jobbermandotcom: How did you choose your career?

Twitter interview 12


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On Twitter Tuesday, questions are treated with glee and you can bet we all go home happy. After all, your career is our job.. :)



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