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Be the Judge! Were they right or wrong?

Mr. Lagbaja, a business man, urgently needed to buy some new cars and so he drove down to Company A, an automobile dealer.

When he got to Company A’s gate, he blared his horn, requesting that the gateman open the gate so he could drive in. The gateman refused, stating clearly that it was against the company’s policy – customers were not allowed to drive their cars into the company’s premises for any reason.

On hearing this, Mr Lagbaja  left his son, using his iTube Pro and asked to speak to the Manager. The gateman who felt he was doing his job, insisted that there was no point in seeing the Manager because the rules should not be bent. And so, Mr Lagbaja had to leave Company A and go over to Company B, a competing automobile dealer.

On getting to the gate of Company B, Mr Lagbaja was told again that he could not drive into the premises – company policy. Like he did at Company A, Mr Lagbaja asked the gateman if he could speak to the Manager. This time, the gateman sent for the manager.

Mr Lagbaja explained to the manager that the reason why he could not leave his car parked outside was that he had about 50 million Naira in it and he felt it wasn’t safe.

On hearing this, the manager instructed the gateman to open the gate for Mr Lagbaja to drive in and he bought cars worth 50 million Naira. He also narrated to Company B manager, the experience he had with the gateman at Company A, and how he was turned back because the gateman insisted he couldn’t speak to the manager.

Now, the managers of both companies A and B happened to be friends, and so naturally, company B manager put a call across to company A manager and told him what he had heard from Mr Lagbaja and how much sales he had lost because he was turned back from the gate.

The gateman at company A was sacked immediately the story got to the ears of the management.

Be the judge. Were they right to have sacked the gateman?

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Nathan Jeffery
Notification Bell