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6 Tips to Overcome Interview Fear.

Preparation in interviewing is absolutely crucial to your success as a candidate, and even those not experiencing fear should always prepare. As an interviewer, I’ve worked with many candidates who have a fear of interviewing, some worse than others. This is very common in people, possibly stemming from a fear of public speaking. I’ve found a number of preparation tactics and mindsets that will help. Here are Corn on the Job’s six tips to overcome interview fear:

Source: order of compassion
Source: order of compassion

Knowing is half the battle

Understanding the interview process is critical. Many times candidates will receive emails explaining the interview process. If you do not receive one, just ask. It never hurts to ask. Along with knowing the step-by-step process, find out the interview methodology they use.

Memorize your resume

Read your resume until you can recite it without looking down. Being able to hold eye contact with your interviewer is important. Burning the contents of your resume into your brain will allow you to keep your head up the entire interview. Don’t forget to smile.

Remember, you’re interviewing the company as well

Whenever I’ve interviewed a nervous candidate, I always make sure to say, “Remember, you are interviewing us, too. You need to make sure we are good enough for you!” Come fully prepared with interview questions to ask your interviewer.

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What’s the worst that can happen?

Really, what’s the absolute worst thing that could happen? I’m sure those with a creative mind can think of some interview horror stories, but most likely the worst thing that can happen will be that you won’t get the job. So what? You move on to the next opportunity.



Arrive early

You should get to the interview location up to an hour before your appointment. Sit in your car or in the lobby and read through your resume again. Wait till you have around 15 minutes until the interview starts, then walk on in. Being punctual is a positive, and your interviewer will remember it. Recruiters and hiring managers have heard every excuse for being late. From family emergencies to very ill pets, we’ve heard them all. We we know that maybe half of these candidates are being truthful. It really never helps your cause to lay an excuse on us.


Smiling can be your best friend. It’s one thing to be fearful of an interview, but it’s another thing to show your interviewer that you are scared. Smiling will at least help to eliminate a fearful look on your face. Smile and make eye contact; it brings you some much-needed interview swagger.


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