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5 Weird Ways to Make Extra Money During Your Job Search

Looking for work? If you’re not sure how long you’ll be without a regular paycheck, you’re probably eager to find ways to boost your bank account (or at least keep it from draining so quickly).

As such, you should also be on the lookout for short-term opportunities that pay in cash.

Here are 5 ways to earn money online free during your job search. Some of them might surprise you!

1. Make your car a billboard

Driving to a lot of interviews? You might as well earn money while you’re at it.

A great way to offset your expenses is turning your car into a billboard. By wrapping your car in an advertiser’s logo, you could earn enough to keep you going!

2. Become a reseller

Organizing and decluttering your life will do wonders for your outlook. Make the most of your unemployment by getting rid of things you don’t need.

Once you’ve cleared out your stuff, keep the earnings coming by looking for other things to resell: freebies, things people put out as junk or cheap thrift store items you can quickly clean up and sell for a profit.

3. Start an exercise group

Don’t let your time off be an excuse to fall out of shape. If you like exercising — and bossing people around — put together a few circuit exercises and invite some friends to get their sweat on. Hold your fitness boot camp in a local park and charge N3000 per participant.

4. Take your skills to the streets

This fourth one aptly explains itself. Don’t keep your talents and unique skills to yourself. Show it off and you just might find someone willing to pay for it. Here’s a weird way to earn extra money

5. Volunteer

No, volunteering won’t earn you any money initially, but it does have tons of other benefits. If you volunteer strategically, you could learn or strengthen skills that make you a more attractive job candidate, possibly even allowing you to negotiate a higher salary at your next job.

Volunteering also lets you network with new people, which could lead to opportunities you wouldn’t have heard about otherwise. And lastly, giving back to others is a great way to keep your spirits up during your job search.

Just because you’re jobless doesn’t mean you have to be penniless – or koboless in this case. Use your time wisely to brush up on new skills, earn money and perhaps even have some fun!

How have you earned money during a job search? Share with us!

Nathan Jeffery
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