Jobberman Widgets for your website

Would you like to display our latest jobs on your site?

Insert one of the following snippets in your page's HTML code, in the position where the ads should appear:

  1. Get latest 15 jobs from all categories and all types, posted in the past 7 days, in random order:
  2. Get last 10 full-time jobs posted in the past 15 days, ordered by publish date (newest on top) and use your own graphics as header!:
  3. Get latest jobs published by a company (e.g. Accenture):

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The parameters you can use when calling the API, are:

  • action: "getJobs" - all jobs / "getJobsByCompany" - a single company's jobs
  • type: "0" - all / "fulltime" / "parttime" / "freelance";
  • category: "0" - all / "it" / "healthcare" / "oil and gas" / "telecoms" / education-training" / "marketing";
  • count: number of job ads to display;
  • random: "1" - display randomly / "0" - display ordered by publish date (newest on top);
  • days_behind: get only jobs posted in the past X days (type "0" if you don't want to limit this);

The parameters for styling the widget are:

Format: showJobs(html_container, css_class, textcolor, widgetwidth, widgetheight, logoimage, bgcolor)
Example: showJobs('jobber-container', 'jobber-list', '#000', '400', '200', '','#ffff00' )

The first two variables ('jobber-container' and 'jobber-list') are constants - change only if you want to specify your own styles (very advanced users).

  • textcolor: Color of the text
  • widgetwidth: Width of the widget
  • widgetheight: Height of the widget
  • logoimage: You can replace the Jobberman logo. Just specify your inage path.
  • bgcolor: Background Color of the Widget

Best practice: Let the width of your logo image should: the width of the widget (widgetwidth).

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