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It has always been of keen interest to me to be among teams of emerging technology industry. It would be strange for anyone who is tech savvy to get to know about the work life of employees of big international organizations such as Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Groupon and not crave to work in such environment.

My time at my former workplace was a blast; loaded with all a corporate organization should both in terms of ethics and discipline, but the urge to live a “WEB 2.0” lifestyle had eaten deep into me. Job switch was ….. .Locating such organization in a job-draught environment almost seemed like Mission Impossible and my hopes seemed to be withering away. This is where Jobberman came into the picture.

Not only did my current job offer all what I craved for, but somehow somehow, Jobberman found a way to tailor my resume and portfolio to fit into the job requirement of dealdey. Jobberman literally connected all the dots of what would best address the vacant position available (at that time) at dealdey and here we are! ‘Twas like fitting a round peg into a round hole. Still loving life here … where Life is Better Online!

Aroyewun Babajide
Company Name: DealDey
Position: Creative Designer

After spending over 3 years at a top Nigerian bank, I wanted to change Jobs. I entered the employment market straight out of university so after 3 years, I was thirsty for more knowledge.

My major bane was in finding a job that would be more challenging, afford me more leadership responsibilities and, of course, better renumeration(almost an impossible feat considering my years of "experience" and current gross salary).

Jobberman came through for me. It made my job search a breeze. I was able to setup alerts that sent me information only on Job openings that meet my criteria. I had over 5 job leads in my first week of signing up.

'Lakunle Ogungbamila
Company Name: Iroko Partners LTD.
Role: Lead Developer

I first heard about Jobberman in August 2011. I finished my NYSC in March 2011 and I had been searching for jobs on other websites but was never invited for any interviews. Within two weeks of my applying for jobs on Jobberman, I got invited for 7 interviews! I finally got a job offer from my present employers.

Jobberman is different, so clear from other sites I had been using. I had great confidence in Jobberman because the first time I applied for a job I got a feedback message via email assuring me that my application has been tendered. No other job sites I had been using before then has ever sent me a reply or indication what so ever.My advice to job seekers who haven’t found jobs yet is to be patient and avail yourself of the opportunity of using Jobberman's Career Services, perhaps they don’t have good CVs or cover letters - they can be put through. They should also visit the website on a daily basis to see what the website has for jobseekers. They sure have to believe in themselves as well.

Osheku Zakari
Company Name: Chrystal Food & Drug Limited
Role: Medical Representative

I moved to Nigeria in June of 2010 (My husband has been here for about seven year now, so I moved to be with him) and I stated looking for a job in December 2010. I was looking through websites online in general and I came across Jobberman. I was new to Nigeria and didn’t know too many people and so everything was whatever I could find online and the site ( looked legitimate. Although I didn’t have great expectations, I signed up immediately.

Given my niched background (investment banking and private equity), I wasnt sure I was going to get what I wanted. But had lots of vacancies in banking/finance as well as in private equity which was fantastic; it was probably the first jobs website that I came across that had a proper classification system and actually had job openings in that space (investment banking), because it’s not general corporate banking which is mass banking.

I received a phone call to interview within 3 hours of applying, I did the interview on January 7th because I got a reply the same day and I started work on January 10th. It was pretty amazing.

My husband works for Olam and they have a over hundred expatriate families so I know between fifteen and sixteen other women who have moved to Nigeria because of their husbands who are MBAs or engineers so I always refer people to Jobberman because that’s where I got my job from and I know at least two or three other people who have got interview calls and jobs through Jobberman as well.

My advice to jobseekers that haven't been succesful in getting a job on Jobberman yet is - How do you structure your CV? If you are saying that you are fit for a role, then you need to present your skills in the best possible manner. Secondly, are you sure that you aren't applying for a Job that is above your qualification? Chances are you won’t get a call back but if you are fit for that role, it’s not difficult to get an interview call back. I believe jobs are out there especially in Nigeria.

Jobberman's activities are legitimate and it’s not a website with too much fluff or too much decorations; it’s straight to the point and gets things done. My employers still continue to use Jobberman and we even hired our present Head of Finance through Jobberman.

I have used other jobs sites but all the other websites are very generic; it looks like the same jobs goes on all other websites but the jobs on Jobberman are more exclusive. You can see that the people at Jobberman have the right connections

Kanchan Bajaj Pradeep
Company Name: Kaizen Venture Partners
Role: Associate

It was hard getting a new job, in most cases I get to hear of the job opportunity after the application window closes or just before it closes. However when I started using Jobberman, I applied to quite a few companies and I got , where I am working currently now.

I would love job seekers all around to try a clearly better site like Jobberman. If you ask me, do I think Jobberman works? It works. I dont think, I know it works.

Udemba Henrietta Chinelo
Company Name: Go Global Investment
Role: Data Manager

My name is Nkemdilim Miriam Ohanwe : i want to let people know that online application for jobs actually works .you can get your job via online application , you don’t have to know anybody anywhere.

I discovered Jobberman via a friend who gave me the company's jotter and I thought it was really creative. So I checked out the site, saw a vacancy I liked, applied and a week later I got a call from the company and they asked me to come for an interview the next day. I went in for this interview that took the whole day, I was successful and they made me an offer that was twice what I was earning where I was working at that time and I couldn’t resist that offer!

I want to encourage anybody looking for a job to go online, it does work because it worked for me and Jobberman is the number one jobs website.

Nkemdilim Miriam Ohanwe
Company Name: Great Brands Nig Ltd
Role: Business Analyst