Administrative Manager

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Job Summary

The job of the Administrative Manager was established for the purpose/s of directing human resource programs and services; providing information and serving as a resource to others; achieving defined objectives by planning, evaluating, developing, implementing and maintaining services in compliance with established guidelines; and serving as a member of the management team. He/she also has overall responsibility for the maintenance, protection and overall management of the buildings, equipment, and grounds of the school, both from a managerial and hands-on position.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

This job requires the ability to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends as maybe required.

Responsibilities include:

  • Contribute to the development of the school’s vision, values and aims. 

  • Ensure that accurate job descriptions are in place and reviewed with the appropriate staff

  • Provide advice and assistance when conducting staff performance evaluations

  • Identify training and development opportunities 

  • Provide staff orientations

  • Monitor daily attendance.

  • Investigate and understand causes for staff absences.

  • Recommend solutions to resolve chronic attendance difficulties.

  • Provide basic counselling to staff who have performance related obstacles.

  • Provide advice and recommendations on disciplinary actions.

  • Monitor scheduled absences such as holidays or travel and coordinate actions to ensure the staff absence has been adequately covered off to ensure continuity of services.

  • Prepare notices and advertisements for vacant staff positions.

  • Conduct reference checks on possible candidates

  • Conduct exit interviews

  • Develop and implement a human resources plan and personnel management policies and procedures

  • Explain and provisions of the school policies.

  • Undertake all employment checks for new staff to include: references, medical checks, child protection, work permits, etc and discuss any irregularities with the Head of School

  • Issue all relevant employment documentation

  • Maintain confidential staff records

  • Maintain the school’s Central Register for staff, volunteers and other occasional staff working in the school

  • Maintain the bus pupil/staff/driver/route list

  • Coordinate bus routes including pick-ups and drop-offs

  • Maintain a register of students and volunteers, ensuring relevant checks are in place

  • Compile and maintain the workforce Data on contracts, pay, qualifications, absence etc. for the annual census and other returns

  • Visit the Local Education District (LED) bi-termly to find out any developments from the Ministry of Education as well as receive the Government School calendar

  • Draw up the school calendar and prepare the admin term planner

  • Publish the school term planner and distribute same to teachers and relevant staff

  • Organise and coordinate special school activities like the Christmas concert, end of session prize-giving/graduation ceremonies, sports day, theme days, school spirit days etc

  • Prepare personnel specifications 

  • Ensure a safe, orderly environment 

  • File all required reports regarding violence, vandalism, attendance and discipline matters.

  • Display the highest ethical and professional behaviour and standards when working with students, parents and school personnel. 

  • Serve as a role model for students, dressing professionally, demonstrating the importance and relevance of learning, accepting responsibility, and demonstrating pride in the education profession.

  • Encourage all staff to do the same.

  • Establish and maintain an effective inventory system for all school supplies, materials and equipment.

  • Establish procedures that create and maintain attractive, organized, functional, healthy, clean, and safe facilities, with proper attention to the visual and acoustic.

  • Assume responsibility for the health, safety, and welfare of students, employees and visitors.

  • Supervise and be responsible for all activities and assignments of the Admin Officer.

  • Develop clearly understood procedures and provide regular drills for emergencies and fire.

  • Use effective presentation skills when addressing students, staff, parents, and the community including appropriate vocabulary and examples, clear and legible visuals, and articulate and audible speech.

  • Use excellent written and oral English skills when communicating with students, parents and teachers.

  • Complete in a timely fashion all records and reports as requested by the Head of School.

  • Maintain accurate attendance and punctuality records.

  • Enforce uniform policy and the school dress code so as to assure a school environment that is focused on group academic achievement rather than on individuals

  • Establish procedures for safe storing and integrity of all confidential school records. Ensure that student records are complete and current.

  • Liaise with Ministry of Education Officials

  • Evaluate job performance of employees to ensure effectiveness.  

  • Provide for two-way communication with teachers, staff, parents, and community. 

  • Demonstrate skill in conflict resolution with managers, parents, teachers, staff, and community. 

  • Develop opportunities for the school to enhance its work in the community, with particular regard to the school’s commitment to charity

  • Ensure the school emails are checked every morning and then regularly thereafter during the day and forwarding messages to appropriate staff.

  • Coordinate the Management meeting

  • Post notices to staff on the notice boards and in the staff notice books

  • Make appointments for the Head of School, managers and staff as requested.

  • Coordinate the production of outgoing correspondence including letters to parents

  • Coordinate the Annual school operation approval renewal as well as the payment of the annual dues

  • Coordinate the production of the school Newsletters through the Admin Officer

  • Supervise the use of the school admin software and ensure up-to-date data input and report generation as required

  • Coordinate the school annual census

  • Manage an effective computerised system for record keeping processes (school admin software) and to attend training courses as necessary to keep up to date with the systems. Particularly LASGEMS.

  • Be responsible for the administration and organisation of school end of year photos 

  • In the event of an emergency to adhere to the school evacuation procedures and to assist with an accurate roll call.

  • To monitor and maintain an appropriate level of stock control for office supplies and consumables.

  • Organise staff Christmas and End of Year activities in liaison with designated staff member.

  • Instruct staff in the use of office equipment. 

  • Issue identity cards and other materials (office keys, school handsets etc.) and ensure their return when necessary.

  • Assist with dealing with lost property and maintain the lost property box

  • Be involved with the organisation and coordination of student foreign trips

  • Together with the Head of School, be responsible for identifying and agreeing your personal development/training needs.

  • Administering work experience arrangements.

  • Keep up to date with legal developments and advise management on compliance and risk factors. 

  • Ensure all school statutory records and documents are up to date. Including but not limited to school vehicle licences, driver’s licenses, teacher certification, uniformed society’s annual dues, school annual due, Land Use Charges, LASA Dues, Local Government dues etc.

  • Manage investigations, disciplinary and grievance matters in conjunction with the Head of School

  • Be the line manager for the caretaking and cleaning staff, managing their working and holiday hours according to the needs of the schools, ensuring delivery of tasks set and best value for the school.

  • Organise work rotas for caretaking and cleaning staff.

  • Provide advice and guidance on individual employee relations cases, ensuring that these are well managed and meet the requirements of the Board’s policies, best practice and employment legislation. 

  • Ensure that the staff handbook is comprehensive and up-to-date. 

  • Ensure that managers and staff are aware of the policies and procedures and able to operate them effectively. 

  • Lead the policy meetings that relate to your department

  • Monitor and review the system of performance appraisal and continually develop as necessary, ensuring that annual appraisals are carried out in a timely manner and followed up. 

  • Monitor sickness and absence levels and provide monthly management reports to the Head of School. 

  • Manage maternity leave administration and absence requests. 

  • Monitor HR trends throughout the school and provide management information on Key Performance Indicators to the Head of School as appropriate. 

  • Manage staff health issues and medical referrals. 

  • Ensure all pre-employment medical screenings are conducted.

  • Manage the information held on the school database and personnel files to ensure it is updated in a timely and accurate manner and complies with any legal or data protection policies. 

  • Investigate grievances and/or complaints from employees (e.g. sexual harassment, pay and/or assignment disputes, etc.) for the purpose of reaching resolutions that provide a healthy work environment.

  • Prepare a wide variety of complex written materials (e.g. plans, budgets, funding requests, investigative reports, analyses, recommendations, procedures, etc.), for the purpose of documenting activities and issues, meeting compliance requirements, providing audit references, making presentations, and/or providing supporting materials for requested actions.

  • Enter details into the school Log Book as necessary

  • Prepare the budget for your department

  • Produce class lists on the basis of information provided by teachers.

Maintenance / Janitorial


  • Ensure that the security system, fire and burglar alarms and emergency lighting are in working order at all times.

  • Test the fire alarm system and emergency lighting and keep a written record according to the school’s policy.

  • Organise the maintenance of, and monitor the CCTV school surveillance system.

  • Maintain service records of all emergency equipment.

  • Ensure that the site is secure at the end of each day.

  • Be a named key holder, to organise the key holder list and to notify the appropriate persons of the list.

  • Organise emergency repairs where appropriate.

  • Coordinate and oversee school security and recommend processes to ensure school premises safety / security.

  • Respond as necessary to fire and security alarms.

  • Be responsible for, and keep records of the weekly cleaning of the drinking water machines (dispensers, purifying systems) following health and safety guidelines.

  • Be responsible for the writing and implementation of the school’s Health and Safety Policy.

  • Lead on the Annual Health and Safety Audit and the termly Health and Safety Reviews.

  • Ensure all duties carried out by caretaking/cleaning/contractor’s staff is carried out according to the school’s Health and Safety Policies, undertaking risk assessments where appropriate.

  • Ensure the buildings and external areas are maintained to ensure good health and safety practices.

  • Be proactive in reducing the potential for Health and Safety issues arising.

  • Respond to all instances where Health and Safety issues are raised or noticed and where possible make safe/isolate.

  • Develop and ensure everyone is aware of the school’s emergency response procedure.

  • Develop processes to proactively identify custodial and maintenance needs.

  • Ensure adequate stock of cleaning / maintenance tools and supplies. 

  • Responsible for the general maintenance of the plant facilities, making recommendations for short and long term major repairs and handling minor repairs on a priority basis.

  • Develop, document and maintain a preventive maintenance program. 

  • For jobs that require outside contractors, obtain outside bids, make recommendations, and coordinate work for outside contractors.

  • Maintain all major equipment, determining and negotiating outside service contracts when necessary.

  • Promote workplace safety.

  • Coordinate and oversee the safe, secure, and environmentally-sound operations and maintenance of school assets in a cost effective manner aimed at long-term preservation of the asset value

  •  Oversee janitorial duties such as ensuring the environment is properly cleaned and sanitized for all.

  • Be responsible for and keep records of the cleaning of pet cages and aquariums

  • Manage the replenishment of all hygiene areas on a regular daily basis.

  • Manage the clearing of all external areas including the external lawns infront of the school (Olayinka Adenubi Street) and the side of the school (Ajibulu street), of litter, leaves and general debris, including the emptying of litter bins.

Building and Plant Operation/Maintenance/Repair

  • Focus on best practices and continuous improvement to improve efficiency of the overall facility, reducing the operating cost while increasing productivity  

  • Assist when necessary with major building projects and associated projects. 

  • Ensure that the school’s facilities are environmentally safe and in compliance with current safety standards and policies, making corrections or taking other appropriate steps as necessary

  • Organise access to the school site by authorised contractors and representatives of the authority and liaise as required following school security and safeguarding procedures for visitors to site (including maintenance of generator, inverters, computers etc).

  • Ensure all air conditioners and other cooling systems are working correctly and serviced as required.

  • Inspect new construction, repair work, projects, equipment, daily maintenance and supplies for the purpose of ensuring that jobs are completed efficiently and that specifications for capital improvements are within local/state/federal regulations.


  • Be responsible for the maintenance and cleaning budget, working with the head of admin.

  • Ensure all orders for materials are generated in line with the school’s ordering guidelines ensuring best value.

  • Ensure that appropriate stock levels of consumable resources are maintained.

  • Recommend and order new furniture when necessary.

  • Research and recommend major purchases: furniture, equipment, vehicles, etc.

Equipment (Vehicles/Generator/Inverter/Pumps/Computers/Intercom etc)

  • Maintain the school equipment

  • Be responsible for the maintenance and cleanliness of the school equipment, especially school buses.

  • Ensure that the school’s equipment are kept securely and that necessary routine checks are undertaken prior to use.

  • Ensure all school buses pass all necessary government Minibus test.

  • Transport pupils as directed.

  • Oversee the safety and security of buses including parking routines.

  • Oversee purchasing, management, and maintenance of school equipment.

  • Maintain volunteer driver records and current up to date insurance coverage and other licenses files.

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