Negotiation Planning

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Course Description

Within and outside a company, negotiation can lead to one’s career advancement. We all negotiate on a daily basis. On a personal level, we negotiate with friends, family, landlords, car sellers and employers, among others. Negotiation is the key to business success because no business can survive without profitable contracts. Therefore, the need to plan negotiation is very paramount to success.

Strong negotiation skills are the keys to success in business and life. The strength of your agreements, understandings and relationships mean the difference between success and failure. Weak agreements with companies and individuals always break down. They bring nagging dissatisfaction and aggravation into your business and personal lives. Strong agreements help you reach and exceed your own objectives, and leave the other party gaining more satisfaction at the same time.

Negotiating is more than a discussion of issues or a signed agreement. Negotiating is an unwritten judgment on the quality and character of the participants. In reaching that judgment, integrity is the key element. Integrity makes the deal to work in a meaningful manner. There is no substitute for it. Effective negotiating tips can help you work more effectively with your customers, co-workers, and boss. They are also applicable to other interpersonal situations.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to program & learning objective 
  • Definition of Negotiation and its importance 
  • Understanding the Negotiating Context 
  • Preparation for Negotiation 
  • Negotiation Phases 
  • Negotiating for Purchasing 
  • Negotiating for Sale
  • Negotiation objectives 
  • Developing Negotiation strategy 
  • Stages of Negotiation 
  • Selecting the Negotiation team 
  • Negotiating tactics 
  • Price and cost analysis that helps Negotiating 
  • Review of balance of power 
  • Question & answer session
  • Negotiation and meeting plan 
  • Negotiation and time management 
  • Negotiation and communication skill 
  • Nonverbal communication & body language 
  • Negotiating mistakes 
  • Negotiating threats 
  • Negotiating by telephone
  • Negotiating with emotions 
  • Negotiating with integrity 
  • Building agreement through Negotiation 
  • Negotiating performance evaluation 
  • Other Negotiation tips 
  • Question & answer session

Price: N15,000

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