Post Graduate Certificate- Strategic Planning Tools

Metropolitan School of Business & Management

Price: N150,000 N120,000

Course Specifications

Mode of study : Online

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Duration : Anytime

Date: To be Announced Later

Course Description

Organizations take different approaches to strategy development and planning. Deliberate, emergent or incremental are all alternative approaches. Deliberate strategy is the result of a classical planning approach where strategic analysis leads strategic choice, which then defines the implementation of the strategy. In the complex, global and ever changing environment of contemporary business, fewer and fewer organizations are adopting a deliberate approach. 
Emergent and incremental approaches are more common today. In emergent strategies, patterns of strategic choice evolve over time, influenced by insights gained from implementation and day-to-day market interactions - these patterns are unintended (in contrast to deliberate strategy). 

Thus, in emergent strategies implementation actually leads to strategic analysis and choice. The emergent approach is more suited to uncertainty where there are risks involved and the competitive landscape is continually changing, and flexibility is required. A deliberate strategy would be flawed in these circumstances.

In some cases, strategic analysis, strategic choice and implementation proceed together in small incremental steps - this is known as incremental strategy and is often adopted by innovative companies. One or two simple improvements can deliver game changers and keep the company ahead of the competition.

Whatever the approach to strategy, strategic planning tools are invaluable in assessing the external and internal environments, integrating the insights gained and guiding organizations in decision making. We shall examine a wide range of strategic planning tools that are at the disposal of management.

Learning Outcomes Are
  • Compare and contrast vision, mission, strategy, strategic plans and actions
  • Identify the strategic planning tools used to assess the macro- and micro-environments of an organization, highlighting any limitations
  • Discuss the range of tools available for competitor analysis and for the evaluation of alternative market strategies
  • Critically assess the metrics used by organizations to gauge performance within their internal environments
  • Discuss how strategic frameworks can be used to determine core competences for sustainable competitive advantage
  • Demonstrate how the outputs from internal and external analysis can be integrated for purposes of strategy development and strategic planning

The Postgraduate Certificate Courses are short online courses that can be completed between 5 hours - 3 months. The courses can be started at anytime and the study time is also flexible. 

Candidates are expected to have a minimum of 50% in their test assessment for them to have successfully completed the programme after which they will be issued a soft copy of their certificate via mail.
However, candidates who do not meet up to the 50% pass mark will have to repeat the test and pay a resit fee of N10,000 before their certificate can be issued.

Since the PGC Programme is a Postgraduate (MBA Pathway), candidates have the option of completing all the modules + eight (8) assignments to acquire the Level 7 PGD Certificate.

Course Outline

  • Strategy, Vision, Planning and Actions
  • Tools for Macro and Industry Analysis
  • Tools for Competitor Analysis and Market Strategies
  • Tools for Internal Analysis and Integration with External Analysis

Price: N150,000 N120,000

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