Post Graduate Certificate - Marketing Strategy

Metropolitan School of Business & Management

Price: N150,000 N120,000

Course Specifications

Mode of study : Online

Location :

Duration : 3 Month(s)

Date: To be Announced Later

Course Description

How then do organizations develop strategies in a complex marketing environment? How do they assess opportunities and threats? 
Which markets and segments do they target and why? Which market positions play to an organization's strengths? What product portfolio should be maintained for long-term value? These are some of the questions we shall address.
We commence by examining what is meant by markets, products and market segments, and then go on to examine how the marketing environment can be assessed. The marketing environment consists of an organization's external environment as we well as its internal environment. The external environment can be sub-divided into macro and micro environment. By macro environment we mean the broader national and global influences that have the potential to impact a business - political changes, socio-cultural changes, technological innovations, economic cycles, taxation changes and demographic changes. The micro environment, on the other hand, is the environment of the industry or business sphere within which the organization operates - customers, suppliers, competitors, possible new entrants to the industry and strategic partners. The internal environment of an organization consists of all factors that are within it - factors such as organizational structure, leadership and management style, organizational culture, the skills of its people and organizational capabilities. An assessment of the marketing environment gives a view on the opportunities as well as the threats to the organization. 

Learning outcomes are:
Critically evaluate the contribution of market segmentation and market research in international marketing
Assess the role of scanning the market environment in identifying opportunities and threats in the marketplace
Research and evaluate marketing information to assess an organization's marketing strategy
Compare and contrast market entry strategies
Assess how the marketing mix can be configured to achieve market strategy objectives 

The Postgraduate Certificate Courses are short online courses that can be completed between 5 hours - 3 months. The courses can be started at anytime and the study time is also flexible. 
Candidates are expected to have a minimum of 50% in their test assessment for them to have successfully completed the programme after which they will be issued a soft copy of their certificate via mail. 

However, candidates who do not meet up to the 50% pass mark will have to repeat the test and pay a resit fee of N 10,000 before their certificate can be issued.

Since the PGC Programme is a Postgraduate (MBA Pathway), candidates have the option of completing all the modules + eight (8) assignments to acquire the Level 7 PGD Certificate.

Course Outline

  • Markets, Market Segmentation and Products
  • Scanning the Marketing Environment
  • Developing Market Strategies
  • Market Entry Strategies and Routes to Market
  • Marketing Mix, Marketing Plan and Market Management 

Price: N150,000 N120,000

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