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Price: N75,000 N50,000

Course Specifications

Mode of study : Offline

Location : No. 24 Bamishile Street, Off Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Duration : 5 Day(s)

Date : Oct 18 - Oct 22   2017

Course Description

Our Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching program will teach you the Technology you’ll need to learn to effectively pass the Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching Combined Exam (Exam 200-120). 

Our Structured Learning Methodology provides you the Course Materials that will teach you Technology to be successful on the job and with passing your CCNA R&S Certification Exam. 

The CCNA certification indicates knowledge of networking for the small to medium Businesses. 

CCNA certificate is appropriate for the following job roles depending on experience: 
  • Network technician 
  • Support engineer 
  • Systems engineer 
  • Network operation engineer 

The Course Materials include the best Cisco CCNA R&S Hard Cover Book, Online CBT (Computer Based Training) and Online Practice Exam that will prepare you to Pass Your CCNA R&S Certification Exam the first time. 

In addition to this our Continuous Hands-On Training will give you the Cisco Routing & Switching skills to be confident and productive on the Job Day1. The Cisco Combined CCNA Routing & Switching (Exam 200-120) consist of Training from all 8 CCNA R&S Domains.

Who Should Attend?

This course is for everyone with an interest in taking a course that is focused around Networking. It has no prerequisites, and good as a foundation for more advanced Certification like Network Analyst or simply advance their careers.

Eligibility Criteria: 

Basic knowledge of Computer Networking 


Our trainers are highly qualified, certified and seasoned experts, committed to providing high-end training, and have trained hundreds of students and professionals coming from across the world.


NGN 50,000 (Promo Price)

Training Pack Contains:
  • Tuition
  • Labs installation software
  • Customized training materials (Books, Slides and CBTs)
  • Certificate of completion
  • Simulated exams
  • Training Software
  • Refreshment

Training Dates: October 18th - 22nd, 2017

Career Outcomes

A qualified CCNA should be able to perform the following tasks: 

  • Install and configure Cisco switches and routers in multi protocol internet works using LAN and WAN interfaces 
  • Provide Level 1 troubleshooting service 
  • Improve network performance and security 
  • Perform entry-level tasks in the planning, design, installation, operation, and 
  • Troubleshooting of Ethernet and TCP/IP networks 

Course Outline

CCNA-01 – Operation of IP Data Networks 
  • Purpose & Functions of various Network Devices such as Routers, switches, Bridges & Hubs 
  • Select the Components required to meet a given Network Specification 
  • Identify common Applications and their impact on the Network 
  • Describe the Purpose & Operation of the Protocols in the OSI & TCP/IP models 
  • Predict the Data Flow between two Hosts across a Network 
  • Identify the Media, Cables, Ports & Connectors to inter-connect Cisco Network Devices & Hosts in a LAN 

CCNA-02 – LAN Switching Technologies 
  • Determine the Technology & Media Access Control method for Ethernet networks 
  • Identify basic Switching Concepts & Operation of Cisco Switches 
  • Configure & Verify initial Switch Configuration including Remote Access Management 
  • Verify Network Status & Switch Operation using basic Utilities such as ping, Telnet & SSH 
  • Identify enhanced Switching Technologies 
  • Describe how VLANs create Logically separate Networks & Routing 
  • Configure & Verify VLANs 
  • Configure & Verify Trunking on Cisco Switches 
  • Configure & Verify PVSTP Operation 

CCNA-03 – IP addressing (IPv4 / IPv6) 
  • Describe the Operation & Necessity of Private & Public IP Addresses for IPv4 Addressing 
  • Identify the IPv6 Addressing Scheme for addressing requirements in a LAN/WAN Environment 
  • Identify the IPv4 Addressing Scheme using VLSM & Summarization in a LAN/WAN Environment 
  • Describe the Technological requirements for running IPv6 in conjunction with IPv4 such as Dual Stack 
  • Describe IPv6 Addresses 

CCNA-04 – IP Routing Technologies 
  • Describe basic Routing Concepts 
  • Describe the Boot Process of Cisco IOS Routers 
  • Configure & Verify basic Router Configuration using CLI 
  • Configure & Verify Operation Status of Serial & Ethernet Interfaces 
  • Verify Router Configuration & Network Connectivity 
  • Configure & Verify Routing Configuration for Static or Default Routes 
  • Manage Cisco IOS Files 
  • Differentiate methods of Routing & Routing Protocols 
  • Configure & Verify OSPF (Single Area) 
  • Configure & Verify EIGRP (Single AS) 
  • Configure & Verify InterVLAN Routing (Router on a Stick) 
  • Configure SVI Interfaces 

CCNA-05 – IP Services 
  • Configure & Verify DHCP (IOS Router) 
  • Describe the Types, Features & Applications of ACLs 
  • Configure & Verify ACLs in a Network Environment 
  • Identify the basic Operation of NAT 
  • Configure & Verify NAT for given Network requirements 
  • Configure & Verify NTP as a Client 
  • Recognize High Availability (FHRP) 
  • Configure & Verify SYSLOG 
  • Describe SNMP v2 & v3 

CCNA-06 – Network Device Security 
  • Configure & Verify Network Device Security features 
  • Configure & Verify Switch Port Security features 
  • Configure & Verify ACLs to filter Network Traffic 
  • Configure & Verify ACLs to limit Telnet & SSH access to the Router 

CCNA-07 – Troubleshooting 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve IP Addressing & Host Configuration problems 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve VLAN problems 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve Cisco Switch Trunking problems 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve Spanning Tree operation issues 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve Routing issues 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve OSPF problems 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve EIGRP problems 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve InterVLAN Routing problems 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve ACL issues 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve WAN Implementation issues 
  • Troubleshoot & Resolve Layer 1 problems 
  • Monitor NetFlow Statistics 
  • Troubleshoot Etherchannel problems 

CCNA-08 – WAN Technologies 
  • Identify different WAN Technologies 
  • Configure & Verify basic WAN Serial Connection 
  • Configure & Verify PPP Connection between Cisco Routers 
  • Configure & Verify Frame Relay on Cisco Routers 

How To Enroll

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Price: N75,000 N50,000

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