AUTM- 300 Certificate In Control Systems & Automation Engineering (Siemens)

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Price: N150,000 N130,000

Course Specifications

Mode of study : Offline

Location : 44, Moleye Street, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos.

Duration : Anytime

Date: To be Announced Later

Course Description

This training module which covers all the course contents of level 1-2 and the HMI courses. It is designed to bring trainees to a point of mastery of automated systems. Experts with industry experience  will take you through practical sessions and programming exercises.

At the end of this training, trainees will be able to:
  • Set-up, wire  and program Siemens PLC control systems from scratch
  • Troubleshoot basic programs, trace faulty Siemens s7  PLC/modules and replace them.
  • Perform basic  and advanced PLC  programming
  • Setup- program and operate field devices such as level meters, flow meters, VFDs, modulating valves etc
  • Design process control systems with PID loop programming
  • Modify existing programs for different applications.
  • Design user friendly Human Machine interfaces.


Weekdays: 2 weeks

Weekends : 2 months

Fee Covers Training fee, certificate and tea breaks

Requirement: Basic technical knowledge

Career Outcomes

Trainees after this training will have an opportunity to secure and pursue careers in manufacturing industries, oil and gas and any other industry with automated systems

Course Outline

  • Introduction to PLCs
  • PLC set-up and wiring
  • Establishing communication with PLCs
  • PLC programming with ladder logic 
  1. STEP 7 installation techniques & components
  2. Hardware configuration(basic and Advanced)
  3. CPU Properties.
  4. Symbolic notation & symbols table handling.
  5. Organization Blocks (OBs) , Data blocks(DBs) Function Blocks (FBs)
  6. Data types
  7. Commissioning & Monitoring /. Modifying Variables.
  8. Linear / Structured Programming Techniques
  9. Debugging(troubleshooting) a program.
  10. Binary operations & gates.
  11. Downloading and uploading a program
  12. Configuration & addressing of modules
  13. Creating projects in LAD/STL/FBD.
  14. Basic functions (timers, counters, comparators , jumps etc)
  15. Data handling including arrays & structures.
  16. Shift registers.
  • Program, troubleshoot and maintain continuous signal field devices such as level meters, VFDs, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, modulating valves etc
  • PLC troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Process control using PID loop programming(with practical sessions)
  1. Introduction to process controls
  2. Open and close loop controls
  3. Introduction to PID concept and applications
  4. PID programming
  5. PID tuning
  • HMI using WinCC
  1. Introduction to HMI systems
  2. Security and passwords
  3. Object properties and animations
  4. Alarms
  5. Bars and trends
  6. Tags

How To Enroll

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Price: N150,000 N130,000

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