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Knowledge Exchange Centre

KEC was established to tackle employability issues in the unemployment market among fresh university graduates and to carry out various programmes designed to address this issue. We provide trainings that will help them become more attractive to employers, to gain and sustain employment or to run successful businesses. With our Internship Programmes, we intend to help them gain work experience they could use on their CVs in addition to providing them with transferable soft and hard skills through the course modules.

Located in Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria

info@knowledgeexchangecentre.org |www.knowledgeexchangecentre.org

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Knowledge Hub

A Training and consulting firm.

Located in Victoria Island, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

info@knowledgehubng.com |www.knowledgehubng.com

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Koreandar Limited

A training Firm

Located in Victoria Island, Lagos State, Nigeria


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Laclic Services

Laclic Services (Language Clinic) is a Linguistic service provider registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (BN 2453618) as a Foreign and Local Language coaching centre where we promote languages and culture. We are a well-structured organization with experienced instructors that ensure our teaching directly benefits our clients. We also supply language aids, organise events and exhibitions, language tourism, etc.

Located in lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

dupesanni@laclicservices.com |www.laclicservices.com

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Lakeshore Integrated Services

At Lakeshore, we are committed to making organizations succeed today and in the future through our expertise in human capital development – we are passionate about empowering people to deliver results. We provide recruitment, training and change management consulting to both public and private organizations across various sectors including Financial Institutions, Telecommunications, Information Technology and Oil & Gas. Our highly skilled and experienced consultants work with organizations to design and deliver innovative and customer-centric solutions tailored to meet their specific needs. We leverage our strong collaboration and partnerships with global firms in North America, Europe and Africa to ensure we deliver best-in-class services using leading practices, tools and techniques in human capital development. Our aim is to deliver robust, forward-thinking and dynamic services that drive greater efficiency and cost savings for our clients. We pride ourselves on being able to consistently add value to our client’s business, ensuring a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Located in Lagos, Badakhshan, Nigeria

info@lakeshoreintergrated.com |www.lakeshoreintergrated.com

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LeadHire Limited

A Consulting Firm

Located in VGC, Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria

admin@leadhire.com.ng |www.leadhire.com.ng

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An e-learning centre

Located in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria

nmadu@leapafrica.org |www.leapafrica-elearning.com

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Lexton Energy Group

An oil and gas consultancy firm

Located in Lekki, Lagos State, Nigeria


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Lifted Technologies

A training firm

Located in Berger, Lagos., Lagos State, Nigeria


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Live Online Academy

The Shaw Academy is a professional training and higher education institution dedicated to making the highest quality, practical education accessible to all. We are committed to both excellence in teaching and support, enhancing the learning experience of each individual student. We provide cutting edge education, offering highly innovate topics, administered in a flexible nature. The Shaw Academy was founded on the premise of necessity. Put simply, for too long people have been paying too much for education and getting too little. At Shaw Academy education knows no boundaries; vocational topics and one to one support are seamlessly integrated in an affordable manner, teachings practical skills to apply to the real world.

Located in Ireland, County Carlow, Ireland

adrian@shawacademy.com |www.liveonlineacademy.com

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