Stress Management

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No 1 Adegbeyemi Street (Glass House) off Allen Avenue/68 Agungi Ajiran Road Lekki peninsula II Lagos State
169 days 24 weeks 5 months
Apr 14 - Sep 30 2020

Course Description

Positive and negative stress is a constant influence on all of our lives. The trick is to maximize the positive stress and to minimize the negative stress. Your participants will be shown how stress can be positive and negative, and we’ll look at the Triple A approach that will form the basis of this training.


The Stress Management training will give participants a three-option method for addressing any stressful situation, as well as a toolbox of personal skills, including using routines, relaxation techniques, and a stress log system. They will also understand what lifestyle elements they can change to reduce stress.

This course is for everybody

Course Outline

Module 1 - Getting Started

Module 2 - Understanding Stress

Module 3 - Creating a Stress-Reducing Lifestyle

Module 4 - Altering the Situation

Module 5 - Avoiding the Situation

Module 6 - Accepting the Situation

Module 7 - Using Routines to Reduce Stress

Module 8 - Environmental Relaxation Techniques

Module 9 - Physical Relaxation Techniques

Module 10 - Coping with Major Events

Module 11 - Our Challenge to You

Module 12 - Wrapping Up

How To Enroll

Price: NGN 120,000 18,000

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Clarionttech Services
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