Restaurant Operations Management

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Muritala Muhammed Way, Yaba Lagos
4 days
May 05 - Sep 30 2020

Course Description

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Summarize procedures within restaurant operations
  • Apply operational processes to achieve specific results
  • Examine the influence of the history of restaurants on contemporary restaurants
  • Justify the use of managerial functions to affect profitability
  • Develop strategies to improve restaurant performance


1st BATCH: 5th – 8th May, 2020

2nd BATCH: 28th – 30th September, 2020

Training Pack Contains

Customized training materials (Books and Slides)

Certificate of completion

Light Refreshment

N.B: NO REFUND (Terms and Conditions Apply)  

Course Outline

Sales and Marketing for a Restaurant

  • History of Restaurants Marketing

  • The principles of the hospitality business

  • Plan and develop a restaurant concept

  • The menu as a business tool and a form of communication

  • Target marketing and competition

  • Structure of restaurant management

  • Procedures while maintaining a successful business

 Introduction to Restaurant Revenue Management

  • Menu Planning, Design, Pricing, And Evaluation

  • Understand a kitchen profit and loss account and how expenses can be affected

  • Fully understand food cost and its relationship to profitability

  • Understand wastage and its impact on the bottom line

  • The principles of cost-effective staff planning

  • Cost Control Methods

  • The actual value of a recipe

  • Different methods to set your selling price

Restaurant Life-Cycle Management

  • Purchasing, Receiving, Storing Managing Production

  • Labor Control Standards

  • Managing Beverage Production Food and Beverage Service

  • Leading Human Resources Analysis and Improvement

  • Legal Aspect

  • Evaluation Procedures

  • Forecasting of wage and salary costs

  • Business follow-up

  • Product planning

Managing Revenue with Table Mix

  • Building on concepts learned in Restaurant Revenue Management; this module further explores the correlation between meal duration, occupancy levels, and revenue.

  • Learn how to create an optimal table mix and increase revenue by using formulas to balance occupation, reservations, and meal duration.

  • Position your business for higher profitability by using formulaic approaches and time-tested methods to quantify demand and manipulate table mix.

Managing Revenue with Pricing

  • This module teaches foodservice managers how to increase revenue through strategic pricing.

  • Explore concepts in revenue management and implement a strategy built on variable pricing, price discrimination, price elasticity, price customization, demand-based pricing, rate fences, and menu engineering.

  • Learn how to calculate costs and estimate the payback period for potential investments associated with implementation.

  • You also examine related staffing, management, and training issues as they relate to pricing and revenue management.

Utilizing Income Statements and Operational Data

  • Amid the swirl of activity in food and beverage service, financial management is a function that loses priority sometimes, despite its crucial role.

  • Understanding and managing your food and beverage operation’s income statement (profit and loss statement) can lead to better decision making and can position you to succeed.

  • Learn how to get a hold of your organization’s finances and make informed decisions based on profit and performance.

How To Enroll

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