Graduate School of Etiquette And Graduate Finishing School

G.A.T.E.S Finishing School
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8, Asajon Street, Beside Safeway hospital, Sangotedo, Ajah- Epe Expressway, ibeju-lekki, Lagos.
3 days
May 06 - May 13 2017

Course Description

THE GRADUATE SCHOOL OF ETIQUETTE program offers participants a unique opportunity to obtain the correct balance between academic qualification (technical skills) and workplace requirement (soft skills). 

This training will uncover the secret to excellence, productivity and workplace performance for both personal and professional development. It takes more than a bachelor’s degree to succeed in today’s incredibly competitive job market. Our curriculum is a full complement of the technical skills acquired by your graduating class.

We create a platform for participants to complete the educational experience!

Participants know how to build better, stronger and more successful relationships and consequently gain the competitive edge.

Date: May 6th, 7th and 13th, 2017

Time: 10am - 4pm each day.

Fees covers lecture, tea break, lunch, certificate, training kit and group photograph.

Course Outline

  • Positive First Impression
  • How to make Great Eye Contact
  • How to give and receive Compliments
  • Business Networking in Social Situation
  • How to Shake Hands and Introduce Yourself with Others
  • How to Start and Keep a Conversation
  • Telephone/Mobile phone and Texting Etiquette
  • Business Email Etiquette
  • Conversations Do’s and Don’ts
  • How to own up to a Mistake with Clients and Colleagues
  • Dining Etiquette with Table Manners Do’s and Don’ts
  • Facebook and Twitter Etiquette
  • Job Interview Etiquette

  • Cultivating Composure
  • Grooming and Body Intelligence
  • Body language of Confident People
  • Executive Presence
  • Professional Appearance
  • Ways to Start a Charismatic Presentation
  • Charming People with your Voice
  • Great Opening and Closing
  • Building Stage Confidence
  • Dealing with Questions (TRACT)
  • Handling Criticism
  • Your Gestures, Does it Matter?
  • Are you a Story Teller?

  • Introduction-Embracing Change 
  • Organisational Change Management 
  • Change Management Process 
  • Change Management vs. Change Leadership 
  • Staying Motivated during Tough Times 
  • Build Courage, Break out of your Comfort Zone
  • 10 Differences between Managers and Leaders 
  • 5 Levels of Leadership 
  • Personal Leadership Branding/Law of Influence 
  • Social Intelligence and Leadership 
  • Manage for Collective Creativity

  • Are You Emotionally Intelligent? 
  • From Theory to Everyday Practice
  • Why EQ is more important than IQ
  • How Good Leaders become Great 
  • Dealing with Angry, yet vital Customers 
  • Empathy/Active Listening 
  • Your Emotions are contagious 
  • Manage for Collective Creativity

  • Introduction to Business Writing 
  • Who is your Reader?
  • Spelling, Grammar and Sentence Consideration
  • Punctuation and Paragraph Consideration 
  • Document Types and key Considerations
  • Anatomy of an Email Mess
  • Business Writing Etiquette: Salutation, Subject and Closing
  • 10 C's of Business Writing (Europe Accredited) 
  • Getting the Tone Right 

Career Outcomes

Etiquette+soft-skills knowledge offers summary benefits including;
  • Empowerment, Confidence, Excellence and Mastery
  • Business etiquette that enhances at least 65% customer service, sales and marketing
  • Cultivating confidence and professionalism through exceptional body language
  • Making great first impression on your superior and clientele
  • Front line employee with exceptional social skills
  • Effective and considerate problem solving skills
  • Increased chances of job interview selection
  • Business writing that is professional, persuasive and effective
  • Development of leadership skills to improve teamwork, creativity, efficiency & productivity
  • Relationship enhancement; Increased ability to communicate with co-workers, employers, clients and customers in an effective yet professional manner
  • Client credibility and trust
  • Managing emotion for optimum productivity
  • Improved time management, organizational and goal setting skills
  • Brain storming & problem solving strategies to increase creativity and collaborative outcome. 

How To Enroll

Fill in your details on the enquiry form, proceed to pay online by clicking on the orange button "Pay with your ATM card" If you wish to make an online transfer or cash deposit to the bank, please send a mail to [email protected] requesting for account details.

Price: NGN 80,000 60,000

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