G2 Investment Group was founded by a group of private investors who saw a unique moment to capitalize from the complete and global reset of asset valuations resulting from the 2008 financial crisis. As a company, they operate upon the premise that there is an unprecedented opportunity for asymmetric returns - or convexity - by investing in assets of basic human need, including energy, food, water, shelter, and communication. This produces a historic moment for smart, active and liquid investors.
By bringing authentic capitalist solutions to individuals and institutions attune with local preferences, they provide a platform to flexibly and quickly respond to market dislocations.  G2 features an unconflicted investment platform which marries investment theses to the best available human capital in the world. They particularly favor asset operators rather than financial sponsors.
From our unique network of global partners and shareholders, G2 cultivates a superior knowledge base to provide pragmatic solutions for long-term profit and growth in an age of financial extremes