Transportation manager

Nocturnus Security Limited

Job Summary

Direct activities related to dispatching, routing, and tracking transportation vehicles. Plan, organize and manage the work of subordinate staff to ensure that the work is accomplished in a manner consistent with organizational requirements.

  • Minimum Qualification: HND
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

Nocturnus Security Limited is an established and fast growing, a modern private security company with a niche for excellent service delivery, we offer best in class security services; we churn out properly trained individuals and teams, utilizing cutting edge security gadgets and equipment. We came into the business as seasoned security experts having acquired huge experience in industrial security, para-military and intelligence organisations.

Job Duties and Tasks

  • Direct investigation to verify and resolve customer complaints.
  • Serve as contact persons for all workers within assigned territories
  • Implement schedule and policy changes.
  • Collaborate with other managers and staff members in order to formulate and implement policies, procedures, union contracts, and government.
  • Promote safe work activities by conducting safety audits, attending company safety meetings, and meeting with individual staff members.
  • Develop criteria, application instructions, procedural manuals, and contracts for federal and state public transportation programs.
  • Monitor spending to ensure that expenses are consistent with approved budgets.
  • Direct and coordinate, through subordinates, activities of operations department in order to obtain use of equipment, facilities, and human resources.
  • Direct activities of staff performing repairs and maintenance to equipment, vehicles, and facilities.
  • Conduct investigations in cooperation with government agencies to determine causes of transportation accidents and to improve safety procedures.
  • Analyze expenditures and other financial information in order to develop plans, policies, and budgets for increasing profits and improving services.

Basic Qualifications

  • Must be above 25 years of age
  • Have relevant qualifications - Minimum of B.Sc/HND in Transportation or other relevant field
  • Advanced Degree in transportation is an added advantage
  • Ability to read, speak and understand English language
  • At least 10 years of experience in relevant roles

Skills Required:

  • Ability to make decisions in confidence, and show others that you are capable of making good decisions.
  • Your confidence will rub off on others, and can be of benefit
  • He should be knowledgeable about the industry.
  • He should be organized in order to be a good manager. Keep track of projects, employees and assignments so that you are on top of what needs to happen in the business.
  • Understand basic financial concepts so that you understand how to manage money as part of a project you have been given.
  • Well understanding of business hierarchy and follow the chain of command


  • Competitive.

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