Technical director, wellstream processing

Aldelia Group

Job Summary

Apply technology competence to the local market, so the client can offer Wellstream Processing (WP) technologies to the local clients. Through the technology, application solve technical challenges and optimize production.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 10 years

Job Description

Aldelia Group - Our client, with operations in Lagos and Port-Harcourt, is an S&P 500 company and a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment and components in oil gas drilling and production.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Develop local business opportunities or WP technologies by being in close contact with clients finding new applications and/or markets and by performing technical sales/tendering.
  • Develop application competence of the internal organization and provide leadership/support for engineers so they succeed in the given tasks
  • Support and guideline projects with technology competence
  • Adapt and develop technology offerings to the local market


  • Demonstrate strong knowledge of the WP technology, market, and clients
  • Demonstrate strong competence in active design and costing tools as well as design guidelines and guide others in using these correctly
  • Be proactive in establishing early involvement with the client through concept studies, feeds and other client assistance to build position before tendering
  • Together with PLMs develop products and solutions which are according to the market needs
  • Contribute to develop and execute strategy for WP technology in accordance with client strategy
  • Together with BD build the client relations for defined technology
  • Together with Tender make competitive commercial technical offers
  • Have good overview of the potential prospects in the market for the assigned technology
  • Attend and present at conferences and seminars


  • Master of Engineering


10+ years’ experience in:

  • Completion Tools
  • Oil Processing
  • Wellstream Processing

Skills, training or special knowledge:

  • Deep knowledge of WP Technology, design guidelines and calculation sheets
  • Understanding and interpretation of engineering drawings

Skills & Experience Required


  • Able to adeptly learn the context of a challenge and quickly integrate new skills (Learning on the fly)
  • Anticipates the impact of change and rises to the challenge, with the ability to accept risk and uncertainty (Dealing with ambiguity)
  • Can create competitive breakthrough strategies as well as plan and operationalize innovative ideas (Strategic agility)


  • Be quick to identify critical information and respond appropriately (Priority setting)
  • Can Orchestrate multiple activities and resources to accomplish a goal (Organizing)
  • Able to define, work within and improve business processes based on immediate and future business needs (Process management)


  • Will relish leading and where necessary will take unpopular whilst encouraging direct and tough debate (Command Skills)
  • Deals with corrective feedback in a manner that inspires accountability and self redirection amongst others (Managerial courage)

Energy and Drive:

  • Will dependably achieve what he or she sets out to do, and expects others to do likewise (Drive for results)

Personal and Interpersonal:

  • Firm and diplomatic when negotiating (Negotiating)
  • Creates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose and clearly communicates it to the organization (Managing vision and purpose)

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