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A consulting firm seeks qualified candidates to fill this role   Job description: An accountant is to ensure all purchases, sales, produc...

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 1 year

Job Description

A consulting firm seeks qualified candidates to fill this role


Job description:

  • An accountant is to ensure all purchases, sales, production, bank, cash and any other company transactions are registered using their various forms every day and these transactions should be entered into their various registers and filled accordingly
  • They should then be transferred into the Accounting Software from their registers
  • All printed Invoices and vouchers should be securely kept 
  • All documents should be signed off by the MD or General Manager
  • No transaction should occur without appropriate documentation. 
  • Accounting Software and Server 
  • Accountant is to ensure all company transactions are entered into the Accounting Software
  • All Purchase, Sales and Bank transactions must be posted by Close of Business everyday while petty cash must be posted as soon as they are approved and this should be within a maximum limit of 72hrs. 
  • Back up of the Accounting software must be done every day at Close of Business and kept in the designated drive. 
  • Complete back up of the system should be done at the end of every week. 
  • Book Keeping  
  • Ensure all transactions in the company are properly recorded using their various source documents, entered into the register and then into the Accounting Software
  • The accountant should always be responsible for raising the source documents, the operations guys should only provide the details 
  • Ensure you understand the details of every transaction before posting. As the accountant, since you have access to the details of payments, you should be able to relate the various transactions to each other. For instance, if a payment was made to Obi Austin who is Mr. Dauda's friend and the operations team brings details of batteries delivered and put Mr. Dauda's name on it, you should question it as it is most likely a case of mistaken identity. Items bought in various units of measurements should be clearly recorded accordingly.  
  • The Vendor and Customer Balances must be updated daily and their balances known every day. Follow up should be made to Vendors and Customers that are owing us money and where there are difficulties, it should be escalated to the GM or MD. 
  • All vendor balances should be closed at all times and new advances given to them with each money paid to them e.g. if Seun is owing us 150,000 and we want to give him 500,000, if he brings materials, we should first of all close out that 150,000 by paying him that amount and then paying him another 350,000 as the advance. This ensures that it is clear with everyone that his account is up to date. 
  • Financial Management  
  • Account is to ensure all the cash needs of the company are met at every point in time. 
  • Track all vendor and customer out standings and advice MD on payments to be made
  • Track all cheques to ensure accounts are duly funded 
  • Prepare weekly and monthly budgets based on fund needs to ensure there is enough funds to fund operations 
  • Always keep track of all Payables, Receivables and Loans and update the CEO using a centrally managed excel sheet
  • Ensure salary schedules are prepared on the 23rd 
  • Ensure you follow up with vendors and creditors that are owing us or escalate to the MD where necessary  
  • Reports - The following reports should be prepared  
  • Vendor and Customer outstanding balances - (at the end of every working day) 
  • Management Report - (by the 23rd of every month) 
  • Prepare Continental Logistics Report by the 24th of every month
  • Other reports as required of you 
  • Projects and Deliverables 
  • Complete projects, tasks and deliverables as at when due and within the stipulated timeline
  • Any other tasks that would be assigned to you.



2-3 years of experience

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