Relationship Officer SME/Microcredit/Payroll Lending


Job Summary

Grow loan book by 300% Achieve and maintain 80% active customer base Cross-sell to 30% customers

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 2 years

Job Description

Maintain a robust sales pipeline channel for efficiency Consistently deliver exceptional customer experience Identify business opportunities and maintaining relationship with existing customers Reports To: Team Lead CAREER PATH (Possible Next Roles) Team lead STAND-IN (short absences) Team member (sales officer) Identified SUCCESSOR (person or role) 



·  Sell loans to SME, Microcredit and Payroll Lending Customers Create a robust sales lead generation pipeline Conversion of leads to sales

·  Develop prospects from current clients referral leads Preparation of proposal introducing Primera Credit Presentation of financial services to groups and organization Digital marketing

·  Ensure prompt service delivery and maintaining an acceptable turnaround and time Advise clients on new products and services

·  Receive feedback from clients of financial needs and areas of improvement Provide financial advice Prepare weekly and monthly report on sales activities Ensure follow up with clients on repayment, daily coordination of marketing activities Give support to team lead and sales supervisors 



What you will be held responsible for 


·  Delivery of set sales target Lead generation Conversion rate Disbursed loans (new loans, cross-sell and renewals) Delivery of exceptional customer experience

·  Academic Qualifications (Minimum) H.nd / B.Sc. in social sciences or any relevant field

·  Relevant Work Experience (Minimum number of years) 2 - 3 years experience in selling loans to SME, Microcredit and Payroll Lending Customers 2 - 3 Microfinance banking experience

·   Other Qualifications (Professional exams, member of relevant professional association etc.)

·  (technical and soft skills) Proficient in use of relevant computer applications Good data entry/keyboard skills Excellent verbal and written communication skills Listening skills Problem-solving Customer service orientation Initiative Adaptability Team work Stress tolerance Ability to multi task and thorough Time management.


Key Interface (People you need to work with closely to be successful) Sales team Branch advisory Underwriting

- KPI (Performance Measures & Targets) SALES: Value of loans sold against budget Lead generation: Number of leads generated against target Conversion rates against leads generated: Refers to percentage of leads converted to actual sales Group contact achieved: number of proposals submitted against target Conversion against proposals submitted: Refers to percentage of group contact(s) converted to actual group sales Customer retention: percentage of cross - sell and renewals against customer base Customer Complaints <=1: Refers to number of complaints received from customer


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