Regional technical director, reedhycalog

Aldelia Group

Job Summary

Advanced level strategy for Drilling Solutions Engineering group to include Sales/Operations Technical Support, Service Quality, Product Development and Training. Manage, and grow as needed all Drilling Solutions Engineering resources for the Area including the Field Support Specialists DSE’s

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 15 years

Job Description

Aldelia Group - Our client, with operations in Lagos and Port-Harcourt, is an S&P 500 company and a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and sale of equipment and components in oil gas drilling and production.

Job Description

  • Develop Area DSE organization to support all client DH product lines
  • Manage the evaluation and information sharing on the performance of all client's technologies, including product development projects, experimental bits/tools, customer complaints and iTrax Level 1 Incident Investigations, standard product and competitor’s products.
  • Manage the technical assistance of the sales force and customers with technical issues such as product application, technical training, product performance deficiencies and customer complaints.
  • Technical training and mentoring trainee sales and Drilling Solutions Engineers for the Area

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage all Drilling Solutions Engineering resources for the Area and mentor trainees as related to area and product technical function.
  • Manage monitoring of tool performance and report trends to product center through periodic reporting or on a case-by-case basis as necessary.
  • Annually review Drilling Solutions Engineers in Area
  • Structure the career plan for all Drilling Solutions Engineers (at least through DSE II level) and recommend promotion where appropriate.
  • Structure the career plan for all Drilling Solutions Engineers (at least through DSE II level) to increase their technical competency for progression.
  • Annually review Drilling Solutions Engineers in Area
  • Effective management of Drilling Solutions Engineering expenses.
  • Manage and coordinate the field test product development program for the Area.
  • Manage IMS process for the Area.
  • Manage and coordinate the gathering of competitor’s product performance data for the Area.
  • Manage and coordinate the complaint report process (iTrax Level 1) for the Area.
  • Manage and coordinate the assembly of case histories, performance summaries, and outstanding run reports for internal and external use for the Area.
  • Promote the technical image of client in the local area through membership in industry groups, technical papers and local publications and presentations./ major / critical projects that requires senior or higher-level approval


  • Master of Engineering


15+ years’ experience in:

  • Drilling Performance
  • General Engineering
  • Advanced Drill Bits
  • Advanced Drilling Optimization

Skills, training or special knowledge:

  • ReedHycalog Drill bits
  • BlackBox/ Drilling Solutions Software
  • Advanced Borehole Enlargement
  • Matching Bits and Reamers
  • Advanced Drilling Tools
  • Technical Presentation
  • BitTrak/Tool Run Database
  • Service Equipment
  • Drill String/BHA Components
  • ITRAX/QFocus Service Quality

Skills & Experience Required


  • Able to adeptly learn the context of a challenge and quickly integrate new skills (Learning on the fly)
  • Anticipates the impact of change and rises to the challenge, with the ability to accept risk and uncertainty (Dealing with ambiguity)
  • Can create competitive breakthrough strategies as well as plan and operationalize innovative ideas (Strategic agility)


  • Be quick to identify critical information and respond appropriately (Priority setting)
  • Can Orchestrate multiple activities and resources to accomplish a goal (Organizing)
  • Able to define, work within and improve business processes based on immediate and future business needs (Process management)


  • Will relish leading and where necessary will take unpopular whilst encouraging direct and tough debate (Command Skills)
  • Deals with corrective feedback in a manner that inspires accountability and self redirection amongst others (Managerial courage)

Energy and Drive:

  • Will dependably achieve what he or she sets out to do, and expects others to do likewise (Drive for results)

Personal and Interpersonal:

  • Firm and diplomatic when (Negotiating)
  • Creates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose and clearly communicates it to the organization (Managing vision and purpose)

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