Regional technical director, flexible

Aldelia Group

Job Summary

Aldelia Group is currently recruiting to fill the position of a Regional Technical Director.

  • Minimum Qualification: MBA / MSc
  • Experience Level: Executive level
  • Experience Length: 15 years

Job Description

Job Description

  • Plan and direct the overall engineering activities of the company.
  • Coordinate the creation, development, design, and improvement of company products in conformance with established programs and objectives.
  • Provide engineering advice and assistance to other departments as required.
  • Coordinate engineering tasks specific to the client's group of companies.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Oversee the management of personnel and activities for assigned departments.
  • Provide strategic direction and develop, implement and monitor the goals, objectives, priorities, and procedures relating to the organizational unit.
  • Develop and administer the budget.
  • Direct the necessary programs to develop and maintain competitive products, performance analysis, and applicable test functions.
  • Oversee new product developments and apply the company designed solution on locally manufactured structures.
  • Direct major development programs for product improvement. Make recommendations as to the standardization of developed products.
  • Advise in matters of new product feasibility, engineering policies, product information, product usage, limitations, and recommendations.
  • Responsible for technical assistance to the Manufacturing Department in matters of specification interpretation, salvage, and product modifications.
  • Direct field engineering activities for sales assistance, the accumulation of data and investigation of establishing more economic mooring and offloading systems and develop product specific procedures.
  • Responsible for technical support for the Sales Department in the form of special investigations, internal technical reports, papers presented to the industry, technical information, and analysis for customer product performance questions.
  • Responsible for technical support and liaison in patent and other legal matters with the company's legal counsel.
  • Responsible for technical support and cooperation with other company divisions.
  • Responsible for technical information and specifications for foreign operations and licenses.
  • Perform other work related tasks as assigned.


  • Master of Engineering.
  • Relevant work experience┬áCompletion Tools, Flexible Pipe Engineering and end-fitting design
  • Marine-Offshore
  • Subsea Production Systems

Skills, training or special knowledge:

  • Proficient in Orcaflex modeling
  • Riser global analysis

Skills & Experience Required


  • Able to adeptly learn the context of a challenge and quickly integrate new skills (Learning on the fly)
  • Anticipates the impact of change and rises to the challenge, with the ability to accept risk and uncertainty (Dealing with ambiguity)
  • Can create competitive breakthrough strategies as well as plan and operationalize innovative ideas (Strategic agility) Operating
  • Be quick to identify critical information and respond appropriately (Priority setting)
  • Can Orchestrate multiple activities and resources to accomplish a goal (Organizing)
  • Able to define, work within and improve business processes based on immediate and future business needs (Process management).


  • Will relish leading and where necessary will take unpopular whilst encouraging direct and tough debate (Command Skills)
  • Deals with corrective feedback in a manner that inspires accountability and self-redirection among others (Managerial courage)

Energy and Drive:

  • Will dependably achieve what he or she set out to do, and expects others to do likewise (Drive for results)
  • Personal and Interpersonal
  • Firm and diplomatic when negotiating (Negotiating)
  • Creates a compelling and inspired vision or sense of core purpose and clearly communicates it to the organization (Managing vision and purpose).

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