Recruitment & marketing manager


Job Summary

Recruit students to study in a Canadian High School in Lagos.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 4 years

Job Description

  • Organize, set-up and conduct annual recruitment events through collaborative efforts with management

  • Develop promotional campaigns and special event materials and distribute printed materials and build web presence around educational opportunities for prospective students.

  • Use data to develop strategic follow up communication plans with prospective students and measure quarterly FTE conversion rates.

  • Conduct strategic planning and develop new and innovative recruitment and sales activities for all target markets.

  • An understanding of all social media including Snapchat, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., and creating / executing a social media calendar

  • Willingness to work with all forms of digital advertising and paid marketing campaigns including AdWords keyword development, account set up, ad creation, content network, match types, quality score, negative keywords, and conversion rate

  • An understanding of SEO, SEM, and analytics.

  • Participates in outreach and recruitment activities for service area, including workshops and training programs for service area school students, parents, apartment tenants, businesses, etc.

  • Serves independently as the point person for internal coordination of student recruitment and enrollment management goals utilizing specific knowledge gained of admissions, registration criteria and financial aid and/or scholarship information and deadlines.

  • Visits schools, speaks to groups and individual students, and meets with school counselors and administrators to promote outreach activities within Nigeria and West Africa.

  • Coordinates and implements various recruitment programs and marketing strategies for territorial or local on-site admission programs and special events relating to our targeted audience.

  • Provides career and academic counseling, planning, and advising to potential students utilizing specific knowledge gained of the High School.

  • Serves as the point person for oversight of territorial recruitment goals and promotional and public relations accountability

  • Organizes and implements all aspects of large, multi-departmental special events utilizing presentation and promotional materials, maintaining budgetary and operational controls, coordination skills with multiple entities and representing the High School at local, statewide and national events

  • Promotes and represents the High school at public relations events, promotional opportunities, marketing campaigns, business and committee meetings, and press and publicity functions.

  • Trains and assists student recruiters in the process of advising students and families concerning admission requirements, financial aid and scholarships, alternative educational opportunities, and High School policies and procedures.

  • Prepares reports and proposals, and responds to inquiries from students and Parents

  • Develops operating goals and objectives for the unit; implements and administers methods and procedures to enhance operations, as appropriate to the unit.

  • Guides and oversees the work of lower graded staff and/or student employees when engaged in directly related support activities; may participate in employee training and evaluative sessions.

  • Performs miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

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