Project Manager

Job Summary

One of our clients is seeking qualified candidates to fill this role

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

Design team management-monitoring the design team with the civil and structural, mechanical, and electrical design, fire and safety plan and process flow and engineering of the project for the execution of the Project

Issuing a design review report providing your opinion on the design and describing improvement options, aided with sketches where appropriate.
Coordination and review of the designs prepared by the Client’s design team
Reviewing the detailed design for the Project together with the bill of quantities or cost breakdown schedule prepared by the consultants and other service providers and make recommendations
Interpretation of drawings
Carrying out Audit
Pre-Construction Activities
Performing initial project assessment to understand project goals, constraints, assumptions and scope.
Developing a strategic execution plan with the Client. A plan which considers and reviews the project delivery proposition and advises the client on the alternative methods of project delivery in terms of work organization, design, construction, financial and legal constraints and risks to recommend the optimum approach.
Reviewing of the cost review report prepared by Project QS and then making recommendation where necessary to the client
Reviewing of the budget and supporting the client in finalizing an indicative overall budget for the Project by preparing comments and reports on draft budgets provided and prepared by any advisers or contractors.
Reviewing the contractors’ pricing methodology and commenting on appropriateness and integrity; ensuring that the Project Quantity Surveyor (Project QS) analyze pricing line items and commenting on the appropriateness of the rates and prices presented; take a view on the overall pricing outcome to ascertain a realistic price.
Providing recommendations to the Client on construction feasibility, availability of materials and labor, time requirements for installation and construction, and factors related to cost
Carrying out Value Engineering
Engagement of contractors, procurement of other consultants and contractors for the Project.
Preparation of RFPs, TORs, and other tender documents.
Reviewing questions received from potential contractors during the bidding process.
Reviewing of contracts and technical documents, technical pricing, contractual terms within the contract
Carrying out contract negotiation sessions
Providing support to the Client in the acquisition of all other permits and approvals required for the delivery of the Project
Familiar with professional bodies, relevant authorities etc. and the procedures for obtaining building permits and other approvals
Developing the construction programme schedule as preparation for the construction phase
Making recommendations to the client on best construction practices
Construction Activities
Ensuring compliance with the prevailing wage and hours requirements
Reviewing, managing and distributing all submissions and material samples
Receiving the contractors’ proposed quality management plans and obtaining the Client’s approval thereof, and ensuring that all works are carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, codes, and procedures
Monitoring the progress of works against the contractor’s work programme, identifying causes or potential causes of delay, and advising the Client of suitable corrective actions in a timely manner
Ensure that the works are carried out according to the approved employer’s (Client’s) requirements
Establishing a resident monitoring process for the project on site
Preparing a detailed procurement schedule
Identifying long-lead items to facilitate the earliest possible date for project completion
Issuing of milestone procurement as part of the overall programme
Reviewing of the project and update of schedule/programme of work development including making adjustments based on the progress of work and specific recommendations for prioritizing and accelerating critical path items;
Preparing and regular update of the project schedule
Familiar with relevant applications for scheduling
Familiar with relevant applications for document administration
Advising the client on additions or changes to scope of construction works
Checking to ensure that quality and process control tests have been or will be conducted on all materials used for the works
Preparing and maintaining a testing schedule
Reviewing and approving the contractor’s proposed health and safety plan and ensuring that all works are carried out in accordance with the relevant standards, codes, and procedures
Maintaining daily records of all events relevant to the works including obtaining, checking, and signing daily progress reports of the contractor
Day to day site inspections with high attention to detail
Ensuring joint measurement of works executed by the Project Quantity Surveyor and Contractor for the purpose of vetting invoices against milestones, and countersigning of payment certificates with the Client’s and contractors’ agents
Providing advice on and tracking the overall Project budget
Reviewing, vetting, reconciling and validating all payment applications and invoices from third-party contracts including but not limited to construction contractors, architects and design engineers against agreed milestones
Construction management including facilitating all phases of the Project from construction design to project completion
Ensuring that construction contractor complies with the Environmental, Health and Safety Plan forming part of the of the overall Project Execution Plan and providing reports to the Client in this regard.
Managing the various contracts of consultants and contractors and other third parties and advising the client where necessary
Post Construction
Compiling Operations and Maintenance Manual for the project which contains as-built, maintenance manuals for equipment, warranties, etc. submitted by contractors
Preparation of final project report which includes bonds, warranties, as-built drawings, jurisdictional final inspection reports, certificate of substantial completion etc.
Performing a final building and equipment/facilities inspection to ensure that all contractual agreements and quality standards have been met.
Checking each item on the punch list and ensuring that it has been adequately corrected.
Report Preparation and Project Documentation
Preparing a Contract analyses report
Preparing a pre-construction phase report
Preparing weekly Minutes of Meetings (MOM)
Preparing monthly project reports to include; description of mobilization of resources, details of construction compliance and non-compliance of all monitored activities. In the case of non-compliance, details of reasons for non-compliance and actions adopted, achieved progress and/or delays, as well as any remedial measures required to correct any reported issues of concern, detailed description of construction progress, including copies of relevant as-built drawings and test dates and outcomes
Prepare, maintain and update regularly the project document register
Issuing project management documents to project parties
Carrying out document control and administration
Organizing, coordinating and preparing minutes of any joint site meetings with the Client, other consultants, the contractors and other service providers and relevant authorities such as utility boards
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