Production manager department/group: communication

Job Summary

Oversee the production of every event in terms of the end to end creative elements including but not limited to sound, lighting, videos, worship, ambiance, etc.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 7 years

Job Description

Job Objective

The Production Manager’s primary responsibility is planning and executing events,with an expertise in implementing the overall creative, technical and logistical elements that help an event succeed (event design, build strategies, audio-visual production,networking, logistics, partner sourcing, partner management, asset management,budgeting, negotiation, and client service).

The role is also responsible for working effectively with both internal (staff and church volunteers) and external teams to flawlessly deliver events that drive TEC results against established strategic objectives, timelines and budgetary goals.

Key Deliverables

Expected End Results

(“WHAT”) Key Result Areas

Supporting Activities (“HOW”)

Event Production

Oversee the production of every event in terms of the end to end creative elements including but not limited to sound, lighting, videos, worship, ambience, etc.

Provide guidance to enhance the ministries of the worship team, the preaching of the word, the speakers experience, etc.

Ensure the online church experience is at par with the live experience.


Coordinate recordings of services and events, ensuring proper

coverage of all  programs

Manage archiving of all footage

Ensure adequate manpower is available for all event and service coverage

Serve as producer/director for church events or delegate role to capable hands.

Broadcast Production 

Ensure the transfer, edit, render, and encoding of all Elevation

Church services and content as well as any program as directed

or required, then make digital copy of video available or post to

Elevation web site weekly, audio/video podcast, and other mobile content versions as required.

Ensure the preparation of broadcasts in required formats for all

platforms including TV stations, online platforms, websites etc.

Reporting To: Head, Communications 

Develop and maintain relationships with external broadcast stakeholders including media partners, TV stations, online stations etc.

Actively find new broadcast business & outlets 

Evolve innovative content for TV, youtube & online broadcast.

Effectively manage all  broadcast channels.

Library & Equipment


Oversee the efficient monitoring/maintenance of video recordings & playback systems including the cameras, tripods,

distributors, scalers, projectors, lights, etc.

Oversee data archives and ensure that all raw footage and edited the material is being stored properly –with adequate redundancy.

Overseeing the transcoding of footage, an organization of project folders and archiving of completed projects.

Properly care for and maintain edit platform and update software regularly to ensure optimum speed and reliability.

Oversee proper inventorying of all production equipment, ensuring they are all properly stored and maintained

Production Supervision

Provide leadership for the paid production staff as well as the volunteer staff of TEC.

Oversee the growth and training of members of the production

staff. (i.e. organize or recommend the production staff for

See to the syncing of lights, videos, sound, ambiance and other

performance elements in all events

Produce detailed (technical) production grid for each service/event.

Establish and implement departmental systems and protocols for event planning and management

Liaise with the sound team and other stakeholders with sourcing all needs and ensuring that they are appropriately incorporated into

the overall event

Serve as onsite main point of contact for all aspects of production

Work with creative teams and other content development teams to ensure proper production and event planning.

Budget Planning & Implementation

Plan & submit periodic production budget

Work with production team to ensure judicious adherence to

agreed budgets.

Knowledge, Skills, and Behavior required to succeed in Role

Relevant Experience (Type of

experience and minimum number of years

A minimum of a first degree in any course

A verifiable video production certification

7-10 years relevant experience in production

Functional / Technical Skills

Expert knowledge of video and still camera production

Competence in utilizing sound equipment

Project Management

Basic Financial Management

Expert knowledge and management of lighting

Ability to manage and coordinate a production process

from end-to-end

Attitude and Behavioral Traits

Team Orientation

Eye for set design and details

Creative thinking

Effective Communication

Interpersonal Skills

Time Management and Organization


Ability to thrive in a high pressure environment 

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