Plants and equipment manager

Job Summary

A construction firm seeks qualified candidates to fill this role Purpose of this position: To supervise the activities of a large –scale mate...

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 7 years

Job Description

A construction firm seeks qualified candidates to fill this role

Purpose of this position:

  • To supervise the activities of a large –scale materials and equipment storage yard.
  • To monitor work of crew involved in the receipt, handling and organization, storage and deployment, equipment and supplies as required by construction and maintenance programs as needed within the year.


Key objectives:

To perform routine inspection and preventive / reactive maintenance on all plant tools and equipment. 

To maintain schedule and delivery of all equipment, tools and supplies to project jobsites. This entails: to load equipment, tools and work-materials onto trucks and deliver them to each of our jobsites. Consequently, the logistics function of movement of plants and equipment to and fro various sites.

To be responsible for the selection, training and performance evaluation of site equipment operators and workforce as is applicable. To deal with staff performance management, attendance management, to report all disciplinary and safety issues, injury/ accidents, overtime authorization, timesheet and to ensure that appropriate technical and safety training are acquired.


Key responsibilities:

  • To supervise the storage and handling of a wide variety of construction equipment and materials in the yard, ensuring that all items are properly inventoried and activities of crew involved in the receipt, handling and dispatching of materials are well documented.
  • To organize the yard storage facility, providing for the efficient, safe and effective handling by staff and ensuring that returned equipment is inspected, serviced and repaired prior to storage or redeployment to site(s).
  • To work with subordinates to assemble materials/equipment packages prior to the commencement of major projects and ensuring that ongoing materials and supplies are dispatched in accordance with construction schedules.
  • To conduct staff safety discussions, tailgate talks, occupational health  training, and maintaining an awareness of ongoing issues related to health and safety
  • To be a part of the interviewing team (as required) hiring for truck drivers, equipment operators and labor workers. To arrange for trainings and orientation of new hires and evaluating the suitability of individuals during the probation period.
  • To monitor the operational condition and efficiency of the yard facilities, scheduling and arranging for maintenance and repair activities. To respond to unusual equipment malfunction and service problems.
  • To initiate staff disciplinary procedures (counseling, oral and written warning) in areas of performance, attendance, safety and equipment handling violations. To prepare required documentation as required and refers chronic or severe disciplinary matters to the Human Resources Manager.
  • To utilize knowledge of the applicable methods and procedures involved in safe handling and storage of construction equipment and supplies. (such as but not limited to OEM MANUALS).
  • To effectively supervise the daily ongoing activities of your workforce.
  • To utilize acquired skills in the operation of materials handling vehicles and associated equipment, and the use and demonstration of proper lifting techniques and safety procedures.
  • To communicate effectively with others on matters related to service delivery and problem resolution.
  • To plan and execute unit budget.
  • To carry out any other duty as assigned by the line Manager.
  • Limits of authority & Freedom to act
  • Freedom to act in day to day management of the Commercial Department within the guidelines set and agreed by the Managing Director and Company Policies as found in the employee hand book.
  • Authority Level per company Schedule and Policy.
  • Additional information
  • Must be skilled in the operation of office automation software support systems and the MICROSOFT SUITE.



  • Degree level is the benchmark or equivalent experience, skills and aptitudes.

Competencies and Core Skills:

  • (Please read supporting Definitions and Descriptions)
  • Competencies Skills
  • Decision Making Computer Literacy.
  • Customer Service
  • Commercially astute.
  • Planning and Organizing.
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making.
  • Influence and Impact.
  • Numerate.
  • Teamwork.                                            
  • Communication Skills.
  • Attention to Detail.
  • Interpersonal.
  • Expertise
  • Project time Management.


  • Minimum 6 - 8 years in a construction yard environment.
  • Experience in Building Construction will be an advantage.


The ability to analyze and interpret data is very important in this role, as is the ability to work independently and as part of a multi-function team.

General standards and expectations

Managers and professional staff:

As a manager or professional member of staff within the company, you are required to meet a number of common standards of behavior, accountabilities and outcomes.

These include but are not limited to:

Ensuring your personal behavior is consistent with company Values and the company Code of Conduct at all times.

Comprehensively familiarizing yourself with, staying up to date with and ensuring compliance with all Company policies and procedures.

Ensuring compliance with all relevant legislation.

Maintaining and understanding the resources available within the business and using them as appropriate.

Manage safety and risk

Ensuring all employees who report to you work safely.

Acting on hazards when they are reported, ensuring safety is integrated into planning and performance management processes, carrying out inspections and audits and


implementing audit action plans.

Reinforcing correct safety behaviors, reporting all hazards and incidents and completing assigned actions.

Identifying and managing risk within your area of responsibility and ensuring that Company interests are protected at all times.

Manage employees

Ensuring all areas within your control is free of harassment and discrimination.

Understanding, committing to and complying with the organization’s Social Responsibility Policies.

Regularly communicating with your staff, peers and others, ensuring their understanding of company objectives and aspirations as well as other information.

Managing your own performance and the performance of all employees who report to you in a positive, constructive and proactive manner.

Developing and supporting the development of future leaders for your business, department or function. Ensuring your personal skills and the skill base for all employees under your control is continually maintained and updated as required. Ensuring there is adequate competent cover for all roles.

Manage Company business interests

Proactively managing any cost centers you are responsible for, ensuring appropriate but challenging budgets are set and achieved. Ensuring cost-consciousness at all times in the execution of your responsibilities.

Maintaining excellent relationships with internal and/or external customers and delivering to their expectations.

Ensuring professional advice is sought where appropriate.

Maintaining an awareness and understanding of the environment in which the business operates and responding appropriately.


All employees:

As an employee of the Company, you are required to meet a number of common standards of behavior, accountabilities and outcomes. These include but are not limited to:

Ensuring your personal behavior is consistent with company values and the company Code of Conduct at all times.

Work Safely

Taking responsibility for your own safety and that of others.

Working safely and complying with all safe work practices.

Reporting all incidents, hazards and unsafe working conditions or behavior you encounter to your manager. Completing any actions assigned to you from an audit action plan.

Complying with all Company health, safety and environmental protection policies and procedures that are relevant to your work.

Treat people fairly and with respect

Familiarizing yourself with the Company’s Code of Conduct and other workplace policies and procedures and complying with them in the conduct of your duties.

Ensuring that you do not harass, victimize, discriminate against, vilify or bully any


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