Operations supervisor

Opera Software AS

Job Summary

Responsible for Opera News Africa's content editorial team management. Responsible for the operation and planning of Opera News news and video products in the African market, creating a tonal content style;

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Entry level
  • Experience Length: 1 year

Job Description

Opera Software crafts products and services that connect millions of people to the internet. The biggest operators around the world choose to work with us to give their customers the best web experience. Our mobile advertising platform enables publishers to monetize their content and allows brands to reach millions of consumers. We strive to develop superior products and services for our users around the world, through state-of-the-art technology, innovation, leadership and partnerships.

Job Content

  • Looking for daily social hot spots and online hot spots, and organizing African editorial output can trigger social media content (articles or videos);
  • Responsible for the data analysis of grabbing results, through the establishment of data feedback mechanism to evaluate the effect of output content, and data-oriented;
  • Responsible for the results of news operations in the local countries, including news Push push, important event operations, new user content curatorial;
  • Complete the sample labelling of some natural language processing projects and assist the R&D team to train the algorithm model.


What kind of person do we want you to be?

  • Excellent English, can be very skilled as a working language communication, understanding of overseas news media, high sensitivity to hot news;
  • In the field of journalism, you have 1-3 years working experience in the field of self-media, and understand the domestic self-Media ecological operation and writing rules;
  • Sensitive to hot spots, familiar with Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other overseas social platforms.
  • Work conscientiously and responsible, excellent communication skills, with excellent stress resistance, endurance and teamwork awareness.
  • Need to accept long-term assignment to work locally in Africa. The office is in Lagos, Nigeria/Nairobi, Kenya.

Additional item:

  • Team management experience is preferred.
  • Excellent self media creation experience is preferred.
  • Knowledge of information flow products (news or video) is preferred.
  • Overseas study experience is preferred.

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