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The African Talent Company seeks qualified candidates to fill this role

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 10 years

Job Description

This position shall be responsible for the management of the bank and shall exercise overall control. The Employee shall, in all his/her actions, be responsible and accountable to the GMD and subject to the general laws and other legal provisions of the country.

The Employee shall exercise overall control and supervision of all activities of the Bank
What you will be held responsible for
Duties shall include but not be limited to the following:
The MD identifies develops and directs the implementation of business strategies that: The Bank is run on, sound commercial and professional principles and that its defined corporate objectives are pursued.
Accordingly the MD shall initiate short, medium and long-term strategies, action plans and targets in line with the defined vision, mission and objectives of the Bank.
The Bank’s financial viability and cost structure are regularly analysed and appropriate measures
undertaken to monitor and reduce costs in relation to the Banks operations and services provided.
A regular review of the Bank’s competitive environment is made and appropriate measures are taken to increase the market share and ensure that the Bank gains and retains market position as a Primera Africa Job Descriptions
leading micro- finance Bank in the country.
Manages and constantly looks for and seizes opportunities favourable to the expansion of the Bank’s activities.
The MD shall ensure that the;
  • Organisation's activities are accordingly planned and directed to achieve affirmed targets and standards for financial performance, quality, culture and legislative adherence
  • Decisions of the Executive and Management Committee are communicated to all levels of the Institution and are implemented.
  • The MD shall be responsible for the recruitment, selection and development of the executive team
  • and Ensures that staff appointments, development and disciplinary committees vet all staff matters that require the attention of the GMD prior to submission to the GMD.
  • Executive decisions on staff are promptly implemented.
  • Ensures senior managers meet with their respective team regularly.
  • Ensures staff motivation and loyalty are improved to minimize staff turnover.
  • Ensures effective forward and feedback communication systems between Management and staff are established and disseminated to all staff in the institution to inculcate coherence and a team spirit.
The MD shall ensure that:
  • All the risks attached to the Bank’s activities, including investment, loans, overdrafts; interbank  activities are regularly and properly evaluated, monitored and adequately secured. 
  • A proper and complete register of the Bank’s Assets is kept.
  • All Bank Assets are properly surveyed, registered, recorded, valued and Certificates thereof are
  • obtained and kept.
  • All Bank assets are properly utilized and safe guarded
  • Where Instruments of Transfer or other documents in the Bank’s interest may be still pending, that
  • they are promptly executed and the necessary certificates of titles obtained.
  • The MD shall ensure that:
  • Central Bank requirements are fulfilled at all times and the Bank retains its operating license from
  • the Central Bank.
  • External Executive meetings as and when called, are attended
  • The monthly Bankers Association meetings in the country are attended.
  • Institute of Bankers Executive meetings are regularly attended.
Primera Africa Job Descriptions
The MD shall ensure that:
Organizational culture is maintained and developed, including its values, the reputation in the  market while taking into account the various stakeholders. 
The Bank acquires and maintains a solid reputation as a successful financial institution committed  to the development of small and micro entrepreneurs in the country in line with the defined vision and mission of the Bank. 
A member of the Management Committee attends meetings, periodically convened by the Bank’s
counterparts, Partners, Donors or collaborators.
Present and Potential overseas partners are welcomed and receive proper attention and the Bank’s
interests in discussions with them are properly represented
Develop and maintain contacts and association with Bank of the country, other Commercial
Banks, Microfinance Institutions, Donors and prospective/potential Investors and with their  respective forums both locally and abroad. 

The MD shall ensure that:
  • Head Office, Credit and Risk meetings are convened regularly and chaired by the MD
  • The Bank’s credit portfolio grows steadily maintaining a low rate of delinquency.
  • Depositors’ interests are always safeguarded in the course of the Bank’s lending and investment  activities. 
  • The Bank’s range of financial products becomes more diversified, in line however with the defined
  • objectives of the Bank, thereby guaranteeing a constant improvement in the degree to which the target clientele’s needs are satisfied.
  • The Bank’s customer service level is improved.
  • There is realization of growth of the Bank’s lending, deposit and fee-based business in accordance  with approved strategic targets and limits. 
Reporting and Communication
The MD shall ensure that:
  • The GMD receives regular reports on the current state of business.
  • The GMD’s decisions are implemented in a timely manner.
  • All the Bank’s Divisions submit quarterly reports for the GMD’s consideration.
  • BSC. MBA
RELEVANT WORK EXPERIENCE (Minimum number of years)
  • Minimum of 10 years post qualification experience in banking / financial institution.
  • OTHER QUALIFICATIONS (Professional exams, member of relevant professional association etc..)
REQUIRED SKILLS & COMPETENCIES (technical and soft skills)
  • Sales and Marketing Skills, 
  • Clients relationship management 
  • Policy development and implementation 
  • Strategic focus 
  • Financial and Business acumen 

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