Marketing and pr (manager)

Job Summary

Collaborates with the legal, acquisition and development, production and post-production departments to help define both the product story and the needed publicity

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Senior level
  • Experience Length: 5 years

Job Description

The Marketing and PR Communications Manager sees to all marketing activities across domestic and international platforms to drive sales e.g cinema, pay-tv etc This individual is an expert in all things related to the publicity of a film and is a film fanatic. 

The position collaborates with the legal, acquisition and development, production and post-production departments to help define both the product story and the needed publicity for a film to sell at its highest attainable peak. 


  • Develop domestic business plans for film, including defining marketing strategy for each film e.g target audience, income projections etc  Develop marketing/promotion ideas for each film release at cinemas  Present business plans to management to gain approval on all aspects of film marketing strategy. 
  • Develop presentations and simulations on market viability of a film (e.g evaluate market conditions and seasonality to give strategic advice).  Devise marketing and communications strategy to optimize awareness and yields from core markets.  
  • Conduct marketing research to identify the target demography and devise a marketing plan to reach them.  
  • Add new films trailer to the Company website and other company's published channels such as IMDB  
  • Book trade advertising; film listings, and screenings of new films. Responsible for delivering campaigns in order to maximize sales volume during peak times.  
  • Sees to advertising output. 
  • Responsible for publicity and press relations; maintain relationships with the press and other publicity partners. 
  • Develop and nurture online social network fan bases through active participation on relevant channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and fan sites. 
  • Develop online and website presence, ensure all sites are maintained and exceeding customer expectations maximizing the potential of the customer journey through to purchase. 
  • Manage and control on-going marketing budgets. 
  • Responsible for positive brand recognition and consistency across chosen published channels. 
  • Collect and present data on the effectiveness of the marketing campaigns to management (e.g., presentation showing the effects of a particular campaign towards a film). 
  • Monitor box office numbers. 
  • Work closely with cinemas for cinema releases. ▪ Prepare marketing plans for exhibitors.
  • Set release dates for films. 

Experience and Education Required: 

  • Bachelor' s degree. 
  • MBA in Marketing (added advantage)  
  • Being a member of Advertising Practitioners Council Of Nigeria (APCON) will be an added advantage 
  • 5 years post NYC experience  
  • 2 years' active relevant experience. 
  • Proficiency in PowerPoint, word and excel.  
  • Multilingual abilities (specifically English, French, Portuguese and Spanish) added advantage.  
  • Audience development and subscription strategies experience a plus. 
  • In depth knowledge of theatrical and home entertainment product. Knowledgeable about film festivals — local and international. 
  • Expertise and proven track record in the digital marketing arena. 
  • Proven track record in analyzing the marketplace, establishing revenue targets, and meeting and exceeding targets; as well as accurately assessing opportunities and marketplace threats, and developing action plans to combat threats. • Demonstrated ability to effectively lead teams and prioritize work schedules. • Demonstrated ability to plan and execute major marketing campaigns. 


  • Must be able to review and comprehend detailed documents or instruments. 
  • Must have strong attention to detail, maintain confidentinlity, problem solving skills.  
  • Excellent negotiating skills (vendor relationships and Service Levels for contracts). 
  • Strong analytical skills. 
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. 
  • Good customer service skills. 
  • Must have the ability to communicate effectively and tactfully with personnel on all levels, in person, via mail or telephone. 
  • Must have the ability to pay close attention to details. 
  • Must have the ability to organize and schedule work effectively.
  • Must have the ability to work well under time constraints.  
  • Must have the ability to handle multiple tasks, with others, across a variety of time zones. 

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