Job Summary

Having a strong and effective management in place is essential for the growth and success of any company.

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 1 year

Job Description

 Cornerstone Music is an initiative that will be established to a Music Company at the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in 2019. Its dedication is to Arts/ Entertainment: Music Business, Show business, events etc. You will be shown how to fulfil your needs and to be able to derive benefits from doing business with this platform. The utmost priority is that Music can be used to generate income from many streams at a time.

Management team

If you are interested in the management team, you will be in charge of the day to day activities of the company through the general manager and the rest of the team reporting to you.

You will be the main investor and the foundation of the company.

The Management team will be shown ways how you can derive streams of income from this business.

You can have other businesses and still be part of the management team through representation.

You can Sponsor or partner with this platform.

Also individuals can invest and own shares of the company     


 Chief Executive officer(CEO)

The fact of the matter is, the CEO is the team leader and is responsible for directing the affairs of the company. They determine the company’s strategy. They make the final call on the resources of the organisation, face of the company with the help of a good management team. Work is allocated so that the C.E.O is responsible for strategic issues, external relations and overall corporate governance. Chief Executive Officer is the focal point of the company to the outside world and has the potential for a larger-than-Life Presence.

                        Chief Operating Officer(COO)

A COO handles a company’s complex operational details. The company’s COO will confirm the business can deliver day after day. He/she figures out just what needs to be measured so he can tell if things are going well. A COO handles measurements,  Internal operations and details. Chief operating officer is also known as the foundation of the company and reports to the Chief Executive Officer. Also a number of executives in the company reports to the Chief Operating officer

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

CFO handles the money. They create budgets and financing strategies. They figure out and build the control systems that monitor the company’s financial health


This is the board chairman that serves as the Chief Executive Officer and also reports to the Chief Executive Officer.

Board of directors

Includes all the Senior Management team,and they also discuss the situation of the company and how it would go forward.

Sponsorship and Partnership

You can sponsor or partner with this platform whether you are into its internal operations or you are interested in increasing your streams of income

Managing director

The managing director is one of the board of directors/ management team that will direct the affairs of the company. Also an investor of the company.

General Manager

You will represent the management team and be in charge of the day to day activities of the company.

You will be in charge of junior team members e.g. secretary, Personal assistant and other roles which is suitable for this purpose.

You can be part of the management team.

You can invest and have shares of the company

How to apply: Send a Formal letter including Contact information and Job title(using Microsoft Word) to [email protected]

Only Residents of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

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