in-house counsel / company’s secretary


Job Summary

Provide and implement legal advice and best practice, to play a central part for the organization’s corporate governance infrastructure

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 4 years

Job Description

Direct Supervisor

Executive Director Services

Final Report to

Managing Director


Minimum of 5 years post call to bar.

LLM is an advantage

Computer literate  ( Competent in all Micro Soft Programs, good with Internet Browsers)

Good Communication and writing skills

Excellent interpersonal skills.


Organized and perceptive

Proven experience as a legal counsel in business environment

Excellent knowledge and understanding of corporate law and procedures

Full comprehension of the influences of the external environment of a corporation

Demonstrated ability to create legal defensive or proactive strategies

High degree of professional ethics and integrity

Sound judgment and ability to analyze situations and information

Honesty and integrity



Discretion, diplomacy and tact 

Analytical thinking 

Attention to detail

Communication skills, including active listening

Reliable / dependable 

Stress tolerance: able to manage a large workload and deliver within tight deadlines

Conducts self-development to keep abreast of important issues 


Ability to work in a team

Shares knowledge with team and other professionals.


Must be fit, law-abiding and honest, with no previous criminal convictions, showing integrity and objectivity;

Know and apply legal ethics and related behaviors in an in-house environment;

Respond professionally to conflicts of interest.

Recognizes circumstances giving rise to ethical problems or conflicts; 

Must possess behavior indicating a solid understanding of legal ethical principles; 

Behavior indicates a solid understanding of conflict of interest, how to avoid and when to disclose.

Must keep company’s Privileged information Confidential

Apply understanding of the concept of legal privilege and related principles;

Invoke legal privilege appropriately in order to withhold disclosing or discovering documents

Apply understanding of the difference between privilege and confidentiality.

Actions demonstrate an understanding of attorney client privilege; 

Actions demonstrate an awareness of and application of the duty of confidentiality

Knowledge of the law of contract;

Knowledge of the principles pertaining to the interpretation of contracts; 

Understanding of basic Commercial Law principles 

Demonstrate ability to apply the laws and principles of contract; 

Demonstrate ability to apply Commercial Law principles; 

Demonstrate ability to draft and vet a sound, reliable contract.

Knowledge and understanding of the laws and principles pertaining to litigation. 

Must have managerial, administration, and leadership skills and the knowledge and experience


  • Provide and implement legal advice and best practice, to play a central part for the organization’s corporate governance infrastructure, and ideally to act as a trusted advisor or strategic partner in the organization
  • Dealing with the inevitable pressures and potential conflicts of interest that arise as part of the day-to-day professional life within his/her organization
  • Handle all legal business and to take charge of managing legal risk in-house
  • Follow a traditional model of litigation, conveyance and commercial divisions
  • To provide legal compliance advice and/or to manage the legal compliance function 
  • Responsibility for risk management, anti-bribery/corruption, anti-money-laundering, and data protection compliance.
  • Expected to perform the duties of a company secretary
  • Act as support function providing legal services and advice to organization and is part of either a general or divisional department; 
  • Provide general & expertise legal advice on general business issues. 
  • Demonstrate ability to proceed to recover outstanding debts 
  • Demonstrate ability to attempt to resolve disputes before decisions to proceed with litigation;
  • Demonstrate ability to prepare thorough briefs to attorneys to litigate on a matter on behalf of the company; 
  • Demonstrate ability to settle and close out matters which are under dispute through either alternative dispute resolution or via the courts
  • Knowledge of the laws and principles pertaining to alternative dispute resolution.
  • Demonstrate ability to precede to alternative dispute resolution forums (alternative to the magistrate or high court processes)
  • Knowledge and understanding of the Nigeria standard laws, laws relating to companies.
  • Support the effective operation of the Board of Directors
  • Give accurate and timely counsel to executives in a variety of legal issues.
  • Collaborate with management to devise efficient defense strategies
  • Specify internal governance policies and regularly monitor compliance
  • Research and evaluate different risk factors regarding business decisions and operations
  • Communicate and negotiate with external parties (regulators, external counsel, public authority etc.)
  • Draft and solidify agreements, contracts and other legal documents to ensure the company’s full legal rights

Salary 100000 - 200000

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