Job Summary

The essence of this role is to IMPLEMENT laid down HR and Administraive policies of the company

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Executive level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

1. Recruitment 

Generally will provide administrative support but key decisions will be taken by CEO

*Research on job descriptions and placement of job adverts 

*Reviewing resumes and applications

* Arranges recruitment interviews and providing the necessary inputs during the hiring  

* Prepares letters of offer of employment

* Complies with procedure that integrates new employees with the work force -   pension, HMO etc

* Induction of new hires. Conducting employee orientation and facilitating newcomers joining formalities


HR operations 

* Maintaining HR records, such as those related to compensation, health and medical insurance

* Communicating and explaining the organization's HR policies to the employees (he/she will be the person managers and employees go to first for clarification on Management’s policies affecting their employment)

* Follow up of confirmation records 

* Preparation of salary statement 

* Conducting various welfare activities approved by Management – loans, subsidized lunch etc 

* Preparing and submitting all relevant HR letters/documents/certificates as required- Leave etc

* Recording, maintaining and monitoring attendance to ensure employee punctuality  

* Maintaining and regularly updating master database (personal file, personal database, etc.) of each employee 

* Escalating grievances to the right level depending on the nature of the grievance or issue 



* Implementing and administering performance management processes as per the PMS policy and timelines 

* Implementing the termination of employment process -Conducting exit interviews for employees and recording them accordingly etc 

* Reviewing job descriptions for all positions at regular intervals and updating them in consultation with the respective mangers/ CEO


Admin oversight

Overseeing the activities of the Admin Officer who will be responsible for the

Production of the magazine

Power generation

Office cleaning

Office and stationary supplies

Maintenance and repair of office assets – furniture, cars, computers, printers etc


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