Job Summary

Responsible for overseeing compliance function in the Bank and maintaining a world class internal control system and control culture in the bank.

  • Minimum Qualification: MBA / MSc
  • Experience Level: Management level
  • Experience Length: 12 years

Job Description

1. He is responsible for establishing standards and implementing procedures to ensure that the compliance programs throughout the Bank are effective and efficient in identifying, preventing, detecting and correcting non-compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

2. Defining the necessary level of knowledge on existing and emerging regulatory compliance requirements across the bank.

3. Periodically revising the bank’s compliance plan in light of changes and providing guidance, advice, and/or training and educational programs, to improve business understanding of related laws and regulatory requirements.

4. Providing strategic direction to the management team on compliance and preparing & presenting clear and concise compliance reports to the Board.

5. Interacting with regulators on compliance issues, independently investigating and acting on matters related to compliance function.

6. Developing policies and programs that encourage employees to report suspected fraud and other improprieties, without fear of retaliation.

7. Overseeing the Anti-money laundry (AML) and Combating of Financial Terrorism Crimes (CFT) functions of the bank and ensure there are no fraud cases originating from operational activities across the Bank. 

8.  Strategise and plan for the group to maintain relevance with the operating plan of the Bank (replacement of staff, deployment, quality assurance on activities and procedures, KPI for units and people etc.) and also ensure the continuous development & motivation of staff in the group.

9. Develop and implement sound independent control policies and standards covering all sources of risks (financial and non-financial) across the Bank, identify and resolve all issues of operational lapses promptly. 

10. Carry out specific risk based independent control functions with significant material and operational risk impact and supervise all direct reports to ensure that issues are dealt with at the appropriate levels and coordinate activities of direct reports to ensure that internal control policies are complied with. 

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