Head, Human Resource and Administration

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Job Summary

One of our clients is seeking qualified candidates to fill this role

  • Minimum Qualification: Degree
  • Experience Level: Mid level
  • Experience Length: 3 years

Job Description

Reports To: Executive Director 
Mission/ Core purpose of the Job: (Short description)
To coordinate, direct and supervise all the activities of the HR and Admin department.
To proactively facilitate plans focused on hiring, developing, motivating and retaining the best talents within the organization
To passionately drive the company’s Performance Management system
Context: (Global influences, environmental / industry demands, organizational mission, etc.)
Clean Ace’s budget and business plan
Company Mission, Policies, Procedures and Processes
Employee Handbook
Key Performance Areas
Core, essential responsibilities/outputs of the position (KPA's)
Role/Task Complexity:
  • Provide overall guidance, leadership support and strategic direction in the execution of all HR functions and activities
  • Oversee and champion the articulation and development of the HR strategy and ensure it aligns with the corporate strategies, business goals and objectives
  • Champion the formulation and effective implementation of recruitment strategies and plans to identify, hire and retain the best talent to meet manpower needs
  • Review and update the Organisational diagram when there are changes in the organization’s structure
  • Update the job descriptions for all jobs in the company as instructed by Management
  • Participate in the formulation and implementation of effective Performance Management System that would help sustain a performance driven culture
  • Ensure that the company’s Employee Handbook is up to date and reflects the company’s human capital strategy
  • Coordinate the recruitment of new employees in
  • Coordinate the activities involved in the leave, disciplinary, dismissal, transfer and promotion of employees
  • Monitor the performance of all staff members and identify their training needs for the purpose of staff development.
  • Analyzes and adjusts unit policies/procedures to ensure consistency and maximum productivity.
  • Coordinate the process of delivering the training intervention to ensure the company gets full value for money, including appropriate introductory training for new employees as well as ongoing training for all employees and manager(s)
  • Track and measure the impact of training intervention as a feedback to the process
  • Ensure that the preparation of monthly labour turnover and stability indices, headcounts (monthly staff returns) is done in conformity with the standard staffing process
  • Supervise the maintenance of a broad base personnel data base to ensure easy retrieval and usage of staff information
  • Prepare the schedule for the payment of the monthly salary as required.
  • Coordinate the process of deduction and remitting the statutory deductions from Employees (PAYE, Pension, etc)Anticipate social and demographic changes that are likely to have an impact on recruitment and staffing and mitigate them
  • Prepare comprehensive reports to the Executive Director, Clean Ace Dry Cleaners
  • Provide support to the Executive Director on issues relating to personnel policy (pay, welfare, etc)
  • To provide support to the Executive Director and the Organization
Lateral dimensions of the position
Creativities (improvement/innovation inherent)
Dealing with a cross section of senior members of staff on sensitive issues
Efficient scheduling of Training programme
Conflict Management
Vulnerabilities (control span)
High impact/high risk responsibilities
People issues
Pressures around Performance Management
Confidentiality issues
Responsibility towards:
Direct Report: Human Resources and Admin Officer
Lateral Report: Head, Finance
Matrix Relationship: Employees
Third party Relationship: Pension institutions, HMO, Recruiting Firms
Discretionary Space
Independent thought and Judgment:
Input into the design of optimal Organogram
Design of HR Policies and Procedures
Report design
Training curriculum
Delegation of authority matrix
Processes, Policies and Procedures
Employee Handbook
Minimum Requirements
  • BSc. in relevant field
  • Professional qualifications
  • (CIPM) would be an added advantage
  • Work Experience: 3-5 years Supervisory Experience: 2-4 years Role Experience: 1-2 years
  • Training:
  • Performance Management System
  • Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication/Presentation
  • Organizational Psychology
Competencies and Knowledge:
Use of Microsoft Office
Database management
Local, State and Federal employment guidelines
Skills / Physical competencies:
High Energy
Calm disposition
Friendly and supportive
Behavioral qualities:
High Integrity
High sense of personal responsibility
Solid Initiative
Low on excuses
Sound discretion and judgment
Low on excuses
Thorough and detailed
See things through
Can take ideas and turn it into effective and productive operational plan
Can create ideas and bring out quality, high level results
General working conditions
(e.g. shift work, drivers license, specific tools, special clothing, environmental requirements, etc.)
Long working conditions
Lots of documentation and document handling
Quality Standards
Customer Service Coefficient
Performance matrix
Key Performance Index
Performance Measure
Measurement Timeframe
Quality of Service
Incidents of hiring the wrong personnel for a job role
Per hire
The time interval between when a recruitment request is made and when the employee resumes
3 Months
Quality of service
Incidents of error in the amount paid or not paid to staff members
Quality of service
Regrettable Staff turnover
Time delivered vs. Agreed Timelines
Completion of the Performing Contract exercise in line with the agreed timelines
100% Compliance
Completion of the Performing Evaluation process in line with the agreed timelines
100% Compliance
Performance Improvements after training intervention
>10% Improvement
Document Handling/Filing
Incidents of missing/wrongly filed document
Quality of Service
Completeness, Accuracy and Correctness of report Monthly > 95%

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